Course List

This is a course list for construction  They are organized into three large categories.  The 100 series courses include blueprint reading, estimating, materials, and civil courses. The 200 series courses focus on the construction supervisory training program. The 300 series focuses on green construction and project management.

100 Series: Estimating, Blueprints, Processes, Equipment, and Civil Sitework Courses

101 Introduction to Construction EstimatingA self-paced course. Develop foundational knowledge of the procedures, materials, equipment, and practices that are needed in estimating for any trade or type of construction This estimating course provides an excellent introduction to the trade-specific estimating that we cover in Estimating and Bidding 1 and 2. The information from this course can be used in estimating any trade or type of construction.
102 Essential Construction Math
A self-paced introductory course that develops mathematical skills through practice and application to the construction trade. Calculation of board feet, area, volume of shapes and concrete footings, slabs, and conversions are studied. While this class is not a prerequisite for any other classes, it does provide a foundation for them.
103 Construction Blueprint Reading
Read architectural, structural, civil, mechanical and electrical blueprints. Practice looking up information and solving common construction problems by reading the blueprints.
105 Estimating and Bidding 1
The first of two hands-on detailed estimating courses in which students learn how to estimate general conditions, site work, excavation, concrete and masonry. Be sure to look over the prerequisites for this class here.
106 Estimating and Bidding 2
The second course features hands-on estimating and quantity take off activities associated with Metals, Wood, Doors and Windows, Finishes, Electrical, and Mechanical Estimating. You may take Estimating and Bidding 1 and 2 in any order..

107 Construction Materials and Processes
Develop foundational knowledge of construction materials and processes that utilize concrete, brick and CMU, metals, wood products, roofing, and more. Understand and report back on how materials and processes function in green construction. An overall construction system will be covered each week. Expand your studies to include materials and processes which are normally encountered by the student in his/her work place.
108 Construction Equipment and Methods
The course will introduce students to civil construction plans, determining earthwork quantities, equipment economics and utilization, equipment production rates, fundamentals of earthmoving and excavating, loading and hauling equipment.

109 Practical Applications of Civil Site Work
This course focuses on understanding civil construction techniques. This includes site preparation and grading, excavation, backfill, compaction, trenching, paving, and dewatering.
110 Civil Blueprint Reading and Materials
The purpose of this course is to give the student an overall and elementary understanding of civil construction blueprints and materials. This includes understanding and interpreting civil construction blueprints, reading specifications, manufacture and use of civil construction materials such as aggregates, concrete, asphalt, pipe, and geosynthetics.
114 Estimating Civil Construction
This course introduces students to estimating civil engineering, heavy construction projects, and site work construction projects. This course will cover reading and understanding civil construction plans, determining earthwork quantities, determining crew make-up, and fundamentals of estimating various civil and site work components.

200 Series: Supervisory Training Program (STP)
201S Leadership and Motivation STP Unit 1
Recognize your style of leadership and how to utilize other styles when appropriate.  Analyze worker needs and learn how these needs effect motivation.. Determine how to improve job performance and positively influence attitudes and abilities. Learn the various roles of the leader and how these roles can be applied at the job site.
202S Oral and Written Communication STP Unit 2
Acquire skills and understanding of positive direct communication with an emphasis on construction supervision.  Grow in your abilities to help people communicate with you, listen better, and deal with the difficult person.  Develop your skills in negotiating and communicating with all organizational levels and groups.
203P  Problem Solving and Risk Management STP Unit 6
Identifying, managing, and solving risk related construction problems is the focus of this class. Students will understand how to solve and prevent problems and how to make decisions.  Technical problems, human performance problems and scheduling problems will be reviewed.  Safety in the construction industry is crucial. This class will focus on managing and proactively reducing risk within the construction work environment. Learn how to avoid barriers to creative problem solving and how to create a problem solving atmosphere at the jobsite.
204P  Contract Documents and Construction Law  STP Unit 4
Learn about common construction contract clauses and how to read a contract.   Construction disputes, including differing site conditions, claims, delays and construction defects will be studied.
205T  Planning and Scheduling  STP Unit 3
Learn and apply basic construction planning and scheduling skills. Prepare bar chart schedules and critical path schedules. Read complex project schedules, and understand the basics of project management by scheduling, Employ acceleration techniques.
206T  Construction Productivity and Cost Management  STP Unit 5
Study the construction cost control procedures and options to improve productivity will be the focus for this class. Cost control will be discussed at both the project level and the corporate level.  You will learn about the cost control cycle and how to ensure effective production control. Organizing a project with a goal of productivity improvement will be studied. Students will learn how to calculate and measure worker productivity.  Challenge the work process, learn about personnel management, and practice work improvement analysis.Find out more about STP Online
300 Series: Project Management & Building Green Buildings

305 Building Green Buildings: The Contractor’s Perspective
The purpose of this course is to provide construction professionals with information that will help them to effectively bid, contract, build and close out green building projects. We will explore the green building process from the contractor’s and subcontractor’s point of view.

308 Advancing to Project Management
Learn the strategies, procedures, and systems used by project managers from the beginning of the project to the end. Students will actively take part in discussing the procedures involved in managing a construction project including planning and scheduling, estimating, and more.