103 Construction Blueprint Reading, ENGR 033

Class Syllabus


This 103 construction blueprint reading class covers a foundation skill in construction. All construction professionals, regardless of whether they are working in the field or in the office, must know how to read blueprints. Blueprint reading is not terribly difficult but it does require practice and some basic knowledge of blueprints.

This online blueprint reading course is designed to provide you with that foundation knowledge and enough practice at reading blueprints to get you started.  Mastery of blueprint reading will come with practice and with using blueprints on the job on a regular basis.

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Learning objectives

By the end of this blueprint reading online class you should:

  1. Have an elementary knowledge of blueprint reading as it relates to building construction projects.
  2. Understand in general terms the design process and the role of design professionals.
  3. Be able to find trade information using blueprints
  4. Be able to answer basic construction questions related to the layout and installation of materials at the jobsite.
  5. Be able to identify elementary problems or short comings of the blueprints you are using.

Class Organization and Grading

The following table lists the learning modules, the maximum value in points a student can receive within each module, and the time in which the modules must be finished.


 Point Value  Week
0. Student Orientation 1
1.  The design process and blueprints  25 1
2.  Scales, Lines and Symbols  25 2
3.  Plans, Elevations, Sections, Details  25 3
4.  Civil Drawings  25 4
5.  Foundations  25 5
6.   The superstructure  25 6
7.  Exterior closure and finishes  25 7
8.  Interior finishes  25 8
9.  Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing  25 9
10.  The problems with blueprints & Project  25 10


It is important that the student keep up with the class and not fall behind.   Course modules will be made available to students on Saturday of each week.  Class work must be completed by the following Saturday.  Students will not be able to work ahead of the class although reading assignments will be made available in advance.   Actual dates that modules will become available will be posted in advance on the course calendar.


Grading Policies

Graded assignments will consist of one quiz for each module and participation in two class discussions.   In each module, the quiz will count 10 points and class discussions will count 15 points.  You can take quizzes twice and use the highest score achieved as your final quiz grade.

Class discussions are a very important part of this course.  Students learn more and learn better when they discuss the topic at hand.  For that reason, I consider the regular weekly discussions to be even more important than the weekly quizzes. Students should provide at least 4 contributions to the class discussions each week to gain the maximum points.

Grades will be posted on a weekly basis.  You will have full access to your grade sheet so you will be able to keep track of how you are doing at all times.

Your overall grade in the course will be determined by the total number of points you have accumulated on quizzes and assignments.  The grading scale is as follows:

  • A 225-250 points

  • B 200 to 224 points

  • C 175 to 199 points

  • D 150 to 174 points

  • Anything less will be considered either failure or an unauthorized withdrawal from the course.

You will be given more information about the grading and other course matters in the Orientation Module.

103 Construction Blueprint Reading Textbook

Link to: Blueprint Reading for Construction, 7th Edition Goodheart Wilcox, by Walter Brown and Daniel Dorfmuller.  Be sure you are getting the correct edition of the book and, if you are buying a used book, make sure that all of the drawings are included.

Important Note!! Whoever you order the book from, be sure they include the blueprints with the textbook. The book comes with a set of blueprints we will use in class but some students have reported the book being sold at a discount without the blueprints.

103 construction blueprint reading

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