Supervisory Courses

201S Leadership and Motivation for Construction Supervisors STP Unit 1
Recognize your style of leadership and how to utilize other styles when appropriate. Analyze worker needs and learn how these needs effect motivation. Determine how to improve job performance and positively influence attitudes and abilities. Learn the various roles of the leader and how these roles can be applied at the job site.
202S Oral and Written Communications for Construction Supervisors STP Unit 2
Acquire skills and understanding of positive direct communication with an emphasis on construction supervision. Grow in your abilities to help people communicate with you, listen better, and deal with the difficult person. Develop your skills in negotiating and communicating with all organizational levels and groups.
203P Problem Solving and Risk Management STP Unit 6
Identifying, managing, and solving risk related construction problems is the focus of this class. Students will understand how to solve and prevent problems and how to make decisions. Technical problems, human performance problems and scheduling problems will be reviewed. Safety in the construction industry is crucial. This class will focus on managing and proactively reducing risk within the construction work environment. Learn how to avoid barriers to creative problem solving and how to create a problem solving atmosphere at the jobsite.
204P Contract Documents and Construction Law STP Unit 4
Learn about common construction contract clauses and how to read a contract. Construction disputes, including differing site conditions, claims, delays and construction defects will be studied.
205T Planning and Scheduling STP Unit 3
Learn and apply basic construction planning and scheduling skills. Prepare bar chart schedules and critical path schedules. Read complex project schedules, and understand the basics of project management by scheduling, Employ acceleration techniques.
206T Construction Productivity and Cost Management STP Unit 5
Study the construction cost control procedures and options to improve productivity will be the focus for this class. Cost control will be discussed at both the project level and the corporate level. You will learn about the cost control cycle and how to ensure effective production control. Organizing a project with a goal of productivity improvement will be studied. Students will learn how to calculate and measure worker productivity. Challenge the work process, learn about personnel management, and practice work improvement analysis.Find out more about STP Online