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3 Construction Estimating Training Courses That Can Boost Your Career

Estimators hold the key to bringing in the work, winning the job, and providing an expert insight on job costing and cost analysis. They hold the cost key. The estimator is the glue to the many pieces in the construction project. The resources that they go to are often unknown to the other construction professionals. Construction estimating training courses can help you find a deeper understanding of these resources. 

What You'll Learn in Construction Estimating Training

Construction Experts Inc offers 3 key construction estimating training courses that equip estimators with the tools they need, the organizational and practical resources you will refer to time and again. These construction estimating training courses pop the lid off the proprietary trade secrets of estimating and provide an open forum for new and experienced estimators to discuss techniques, bottom line and how they set up their quantity take offs and bids to win every time.

Are you ready to advance your career? Do you want the knowledge these construction estimating training courses hold, the practices that are taught, and the templates that are provided?

Construction estimating training courses will bring you the practice, the tools, and the hive mind that is otherwise never shared in an accessible space.

Starting Out with Construction Certification Classes

Construction Experts Inc offers a series of construction estimating training courses. Just as construction estimating training goes, choose what is best for your career. Are you a subcontractor? A general contractor? Heavy civil sub? Do you specialize in painting, carpentry, electrical, plumbing, HVAC? We have classes you need to fill in your bid and provide that expert finish that separates your bid from the rest.

Hands down. Estimators know how to use plans to find the information needed to bid the job. While some estimators rely on their software and do not need to dig deeper, we suggest that you find your secret sauce to estimating success in the Certificate in Construction Estimating classes that speak to what is required of you.

Are you ready to get started with the construction certification classes? Register for 101 Introduction to Construction Estimating. This sets the foundation and lays the groundwork for the series of construction estimating training courses. Painting, demolition, HVAC, electrical, GC, all trades, all construction clusters will complete 101 Introduction to Construction Estimating with more confidence and resources that they will use to win the job.

103 Construction Blueprint Reading is critical to all estimators, contractors, and anyone who communicates in construction. Know what is in the plans, where to find what you need to estimate, how to use the sections, details, plans and cross reference what you find on one sheet with what is present on the other. Do they disagree? Architects are not perfect! Know what trades will be impacted when there is a change order. This is a critical class to estimating success.

Choosing Your Final Course

The final of the three construction estimating training courses is dependent on what you estimate.

105 Estimating and Bidding I peels the layers of the job from the general conditions, excavation, backfill, concrete work, asphalt, foundations and more.

106 Estimating and Bidding II works with developing an estimate from the simple spreadsheet and establishing the tabs needed, quantities and unit values in focus, columns for labor, unit value of time, distance, and rows for overhead are established. What are the contingencies you need to include? Take this online estimating class and lock the information in. Your next bid depends on it!

114 Estimating Civil and Site Work Construction takes you down the road of estimating civil works. Concrete, asphalt and all that dirt work! What equipment make, model, type, and combination will be the best fit for the dollars spent? Learn how to read productivity charts and lead your excavation company, concrete company, or GC to the top of the low bid list.

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