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A Career Reignited: The Power of Professional Development

Professional development has a positive impact on all involved. By investing in construction education programs focused on developing your existing job skills, you are making an investment in your future that significantly influences the trajectory of your career. 

The buzz that remains from professional conferences leads professionals to career confidence and a path of purpose. A webinar connects coworkers and colleagues with a shared learning experience. A palpable energy comes from attending a conference with hundreds construction professionals gathered to learn, network, and celebrate advancements and accomplishments, honoring award winners, the companies, and their construction projects. Why? 

Professional Development... What if You Say YES?

Professional development is critical to a meaningful career. It opens doors, expands the professional knowledge base, and provides insight into better practices. Investing time into developing what you are capable of speaks volumes to employers, coworkers, and those who can offer new opportunities.

About five years ago I was at a conference absorbing much of the knowledge shared by Linda Swindling, a wonderful speaker (and humorist), on negotiations, team leadership, performance, and leadership development. Her words, “What if you say YES?” have provided me with a go-to phrase to encourage others, to say yes to professional opportunities which brought me into new rooms and gave me a path to self-advocacy. 

Many Paths. One Mission. 

Professional development comes in many forms: conferences, dinner meetings with industry organizations, lunch and learn, webinars and even making mistakes. The construction industry is experiencing a lot of shift: technology, safety, diversity, materials, and more. Construction is the one industry that has five generations working alongside one another. Communicating clearly and effectively within this diverse group takes patience, respect, and the ability to learn from and understand what motivates each other. 


At the NAWIC 68th Annual Conference under the leadership of President Lauline Mitchell, Director of Pre-Construction at BBI Construction, thought leaders from diverse interest areas across the construction industry led discussions on new technology that can support productivity and personnel, improve practices in construction supervision, people management, project management, and communication.


A panel is a group of professionals gathered to share key insights from their expertise. Panels were held on the importance of credentials in the construction industry with NAWIC Immediate Past President Doreen Bartoldus, PE, CCM from Jacobs, Lisa Washington, CAE from the DBIA, and  Andrea Rutledge, CAE President and CEO of CMAA.  DBIA and CMAA offer construction certifications. 

Another panel was held on Workforce Development moderated by Rhianna Rogers PhD., Henry Nutt III, Cynthia Seward, Cornell Johnson, and AGC CA Sr. VP Workforce and Community Development. Panelists discussed workforce development needs, practices, DEI integration, multigenerational workforce needs and ensuring ongoing training and education. 


In his article on How to Become a Thought Leader in the Building Materials Industry Elton Mayfield claims, “Thought leadership goes beyond buzzwords and involves guiding others, sharing knowledge, and preparing for industry growth.” Construction professionals show up to make a difference. With specialized knowledge professionals hone their expertise into opportunities for professional development to pass on the benefits.

And More

Education can be found in so many places. If you do not want to board a plane or be in a room with hundreds of people you can learn more about professional construction education programs CEI offers. 

We Have a Lot to Learn

Construction Experts Inc works with universities, community colleges, and construction industry organizations to provide meaningful, timely, critical online education to strengthen the diverse workforce. Attending conferences and being active in professional organizations brings refreshed commitment, insight, and expansive educational topics to our leadership to develop our online classes and expand our offerings. 

30 years ago our first online class was in the making. Our founder knew that construction professionals need meaningful education that would allow them to show up to the job site with foundational information, confidence, and the ability to communicate with people of all ages, backgrounds, and positions. For the past 10 years we have developed two new certificate programs and 12 new classes and seminars.

We All Have Something to Learn From Each Other

Success and professional development does not come from following the yellow brick road, a clear path, or playing a game of leapfrog from one great success to the next. We become better together when we support each other. 

Leadership is not only found in the most experienced superintendent or the project manager. It is found in the person next to you, the person in the next room who is solving the newest problem of the day. Sharing your experience can add to the professional development of others.

Becoming a Leader with Construction Education Programs

The next time you are in a room or working shoulder-to-shoulder with a diverse crew, be observant. Be a good listener. When you have knowledge that others need, be a voice that guides the ship forward. 

View our course schedule to get started, or contact us with any questions you might have. 

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