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Known for offering construction classes online, Construction Experts Inc. (CEI) was established in 1994 and incorporated in the State of California in 1995.

We provide self-paced and paced construction classes online for educational institutions and non-profit industry organizations. Our construction classes are offered for credit at San Diego State University and not-for-credit through many schools, non-profit industry organizations and career technical education schools.



To advance the proficiency, productivity, confidence and abilities of construction industry professionals through online construction education programs.


Quality Accessible Education

Our classes are held to an internal high standard. If there is an error, we want to know about it so we can address it right away. CEI’s online construction classes are practical and taught with quality resources by experienced construction experts who want to give back to the construction industry. We know you are busy. That’s why we design our classes to bring you quality construction education 24 hours a day four times a year.

Clear Communication

We know how key communication is. We work hard to ensure that our classes communicate the skills, resources, and strategies you need to advance in your career and be a go to resource on the jobsite. You will see this commitment to communication in the instructors, CEI staff, and in the classes themselves.

Never Stop Learning

This was just as true in 1994 as it is today. We are in continuous learning mode so we appreciate and can guide students through their learning process, creating solutions when challenges are present.

Creative Collaboration

Quality is achieved when we work together. You will see this guiding value present in the class structure with the focus on the discussion boards, messages or postings from your instructor, and guidance from CEI staff.

Supportive Accountability

In our online learning environment we set up learning communities so that students can share ideas in an even playing field online space that allows for collaboration, support, and resource sharing. Students and staff are held accountable to themselves and each other as can be found in the gradebook, commentary on homework submissions, and in email. While mistakes can and do happen, we focus on supporting the individual to achieve their best in class so they can excel in the field.

CEI began offering construction classes online in 1997 long before online construction classes were available. The first offering of construction classes online was 101 Introduction to Construction Estimating. 101 was the beginning of CEI offering in demand education and construction education programs to the construction industry. As the demand for construction classes online grew, so did the variety of our construction classes.

Lisa Thibodeaux joined CEI in 2012. As an experienced online teacher, she supported the company’s vision and mission and added construction education programs and construction classes online with classes in construction project management, civil and sitework construction and more.

Trained and educated workers advance faster, achieve more within their careers and are able to earn better wages. Our construction education programs offer practical, accessible, and necessary information and practice to industry professionals and those entering the construction industry.

Trained and educated workers are more profitable to the companies they work for. It is for that reason Construction Experts Inc. is offering these construction classes online to increase your access to major construction training offered world-wide.

Lisa Thibodeaux  is President and CEO

Robert George is the founder of CEI

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