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General FAQs

Our courses span from teaching people about the construction industry to teaching construction professionals how to manage a construction project, get paid, and confidently bid for jobs.

We provide online blueprint reading classes, construction contracts courses, construction estimating classes and more! We offer a wide range of topics and educational products to meet the needs of construction professionals from diverse backgrounds and responsibilities. Our platform makes it easy for our students to learn all about construction planning and scheduling courses to build the future they always dreamed of.

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Self-paced classes can be started at any time and can be done as slowly or as quickly as you like as long as you finish within 10 weeks. This is a completely independent study option with no interaction from other students.

Paced classes have weekly due dates built into the course structure. You will have 8 days to complete each lesson before moving on to the next module. Interacting and getting support from the instructor and other students is available through the discussion forums.

Both types of courses are online and can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. To find out whether a class or self-paced or paced, read the course description.

Orientation takes place a week before class starts. Log into class ASAP to access the Orientation Module. Review the pages in the LESSONS for Orientation. Get acquainted with the classroom features by logging in to explore all the resources available to you. If you are unable to login to your account, please visit our Contact Us page to notify us of your learning or access needs.

Second, find your class syllabus within your course materials by clicking on Critical Course Information found inside the course under General Course Information.

If registering with SDSU or SFSU, buy your textbooks as soon as you can to allow for shipping and handling. You can find out which textbooks to buy by clicking on the Textbook Information page.

Each week the lesson is released on Sunday. You have until the following Sunday to submit your work for full credit. Quizzes can be taken at any time throughout the course.

  • Latest version of internet browser
  • A computer with stable access to the internet.
  • Ability to email, create basic documents.
  • PDF reader Download Adobe Acrobat Reader  for Adobe PDF files [.pdf] – free viewer

You can log onto the course from any computer with an internet connection, even when you are traveling.

Communication is key. Once you know of your schedule conflict, contact your instructor to communicate the days you will be out. Contact us so our administration office can provide any needed documentation, i.e. discussion questions, quiz questions, or other to ensure you do not fall behind.

If you will be out of range of any kind of wireless connection, then we recommend doing the work before you leave or as soon as you get back. Keep in mind, class access does end as grades must be submitted at the end of the term.

If you are late with some assignments, a small grading penalty may be assessed but as long as you keep up with your work throughout the course your overall grade will not be affected.

Our online platform makes it possible for our students to learn in their construction planning and scheduling courses, estimating courses, or project management courses from anywhere!

 As long as you have access to a stable wireless connection, you will be able to enroll in our online courses. Your location does not determine where you register.

You must pass certificate program classes with a C or better.

You must pass the class with a D or better to access your Certificate of Completion. 

Q&A Payment Information

The cost per class is listed under the name of the school on the Register  page. You will pay the school directly. You will not pay Construction Experts.

No. The school provides the registration process. Construction Experts Inc provides the education. You must register with one of the schools on the Register page.

Please refer to our Drop Refund policy page here for more information. The Drop Policy is included in the fine print when you register for class.

Q&A Inside the Classroom

If this happens, send an email to the teacher explaining what happened. The quiz can be reset so you get another attempt. Please keep in mind, you will only be allowed to do this a limited number of times before we get suspicious.

You will be able to access your course material up to 7 days after class ends. Use this time to save and print your Certificate of Completion.

Q&A Record Keeping

You will be able to print a Certificate of Completion from your online classroom during the 11th week of class access. Class access will end 7 days after the last week of class. You need to wait until your final assignment is graded before you print your certificate.

Ask your course provider if they provide a certificate when you register.

Once you get your Certificate of Completion, it’s time to move forward with your education in planning your next construction planning and scheduling classes, blueprint classes, civil classes, or other project management classes.

Your grade will be turned into the institution within two weeks of completion. It may take a few weeks for your school to update your records so that the newest grades are reflected. If you are completing a certificate program, contact the school directly to inform them of your completion of the program. For your official grade, please contact the school you registered with.

You may print your proof of completion by clicking on the Certificate of Completion link in the online classroom once you see your final grade. The certificate will be the last link in the course.

SDSU students will need to use the SDSU web portal to directly to obtain official grades, transcripts, and payment receipts.

Anne Arundal, SFSU, and Bucks County Community College, do not provide letter grades. They offer the classes Credit/ No Credit.

The Certificate of Completion is available for current classes. While we can go back a few terms to retrieve the certificates, it does take additional time.

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