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An online construction class or certificate program can increase your confidence, your productivity, and the value you bring to the job.


Investing in your education by taking a construction class or several online construction classes will put you on the fast track to career advancement and job satisfaction.

Whether you want to earn a new certification or work towards a construction project management degree online Construction Experts Inc is your online education one stop shop for all subjects from Introduction to Construction through Construction Project Management.

Our online construction classes are practical and convenient. They are designed by experienced construction professionals to teach you the skills you need for your career. Class is open and accessible 24/7 maximizing flexibility so you can create your own weekly schedule.



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Preview an online construction class. Each construction class has the features noted here. 



Go to our Course List to review all course descriptions, course syllabi, and links to required and recommended textbooks. While we do not issue a construction project management degree online, many of our classes are identified as prerequisites for universities across the country.



Once you have made your decision, it is time to register.

Choose your education provider based on what you are looking for.

College credit is offered by SDSU only. Click the link to register with your school of choice. Unsure which is the best school for you? Put your question in the Contact Us form or call 760-634-2474.

Review the Potential student FAQs.


Do you have questions about an online construction class? Review some of our Potential Student FAQ’s below so you can get a better understanding of our online learning environment. More FAQs are explored here Find information on class participation, attendance, class access, communication with instructors and more. For any questions not listed here, please reach out to us by visiting our contact us page.

Each construction class is online. A new module is released each week. The module may have instructional videos, clickable written lectures, discussion boards, assignments, and the weekly quiz. You will have all week to complete the assigned tasks. All work is due the following Sunday.

Each class has an instructor. Our instructors are construction professionals with decades of specialized experience in estimating, building, civil site work, supervision, and project management.

If you are enrolled in one of the self-paced classes such as 101 Introduction to Construction Estimating or 102 Essential Construction Math a new module will open once you have taken the quiz for the prior module. For example, once you take the quiz for Module 1, Module 2 will open. You will always have access to prior modules.

Click Register on the main menu to register online with one of our partners. We do not register students directly. Choose where you wish to register based on whether you wish to take the class for college credit, a community college, through an AGC chapter. If you are working towards a certificate program you have only three choices: SDSU, SFSU, and Bucks County Community College. When registering with one of our partners click the link on our Register page to complete your registration on their website.

Once you have completed the registration process and we are notified by the school, construction classes@gmail.com will issue you a password with directions on how to get started in the class.

Students enrolled in paced classes are sent class access one week prior to the start of class. As soon as you receive an email with your login information you can access your online class(es).

Students enrolled in self-paced classes are sent class access within one to two working days of registration.

Our online construction classes are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Log in several times throughout the week to contribute to and keep up with the online discussions. When you log in is up to you.

Most of our courses require about 4 or 6 hours per week of effort on your part. Log into the online classroom early in the week when the weekly module is released. Then, log in several times throughout the week to keep up with the discussions.

Be active and involved in the course. Participate in discussion groups where case studies, industry problems and other topics are discussed. Stay engaged by responding to questions posted on the discussion board. Respond to other students’ work. Work out solutions to problems presented, discuss applicable construction experience or ask questions. If you do not have an experience to share, study your textbook. Use the instructor selected resources at the end of each lesson to further your education.

Check the Class Schedule anytime to stay informed of classes available for the upcoming semester.

Sign up for the newsletter. The newsletter highlights the upcoming classes and is sent three weeks before the start of class.

CEI will send you a link to your online classroom with your login information from constructionclasses@ gmail.com. The email will not come from the organization you registered through.

No, they are about the same as far as difficulty is concerned. If you are just looking for an easy way to get a grade don’t take an online class. You will learn just as much and work just as hard in our online courses as you would in a classroom course.

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