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Review the information below to learn more about SDSU project management online student information for certificate applications, withdrawing from classes for a refund, requesting transcripts, and professor communication.



Once you have started the last class required for a certificate program, fill out the online application form to start the process of getting your certificate issued to you. Certificates for a series of classes are issued by San Diego State University. Therefore, all students must apply to obtain their construction certificates (e.g. SDSU project management online program). The SDSU certificates are not mailed automatically.

  • SDSU Certificate in Construction Estimating (5 out of 6 courses)
  • SDSU Certificate in Construction Supervision: Emphasis in Building (8 out of 8 courses)
  • SDSU Certificate in Construction Supervision: Emphasis in Civil Site Work (5 out of 6 courses)
  • SDSU Certificate in Construction Practices (8 out of 9 courses)
  • SDSU Construction Project Management. (5 out of 5 courses)
  • SDSU Certificate in Civil Sitework Construction (5 out of 6 courses)


If you determine that you cannot continue your construction night class, you must notify the SDSU registration office at or 619-594-5152 to officially drop the class. SDSU refund and withdrawal policies can be found at

No refunds are due unless the course is officially dropped within the stated guidelines.

If you originally paid for the class with cash or check, refunds will be issued in the form of a check. If you paid by credit card, your refund will be credited back to your credit card. Students can expect to receive refunds and refund checks approximately six (6) weeks from the date the request is received.

Students who stop participating in any classes in any of the certificate programs (e.g. the SDSU project management online certificate program) without officially dropping will receive a grade of “UW” (which stands for Unauthorized Withdrawal) in the course. Students must have the permission of the instructor to receive an incomplete grade (noted as “INC”) at the end of the course. An incomplete grade allows a student to make up incomplete coursework within a specified amount of time. The incomplete coursework must be a small part of the course requirements like a final paper or project that was not complete at the end of the course. If the student is unable to make up the incomplete coursework within the given time frame, then they will fail to pass the class.


How to Obtain a Free Unofficial SDSU Transcript

  1. Go to

  2. Click on “Log In”. Read all of the information regarding your student identification number and university pin. Then “click here to login”.

  3. Enter your social security number for “user name” and your 6-digit birth date for your “password”.

  4. You will then be prompted to change your student account information. Doing so will allow you to view your unofficial transcript at the above website once you have changed your password.

How to Obtain an Official SDSU Transcript

Go to for student information about how to order your official SDSU transcript, or call 619-594-7800.


If you have any questions in regards to your SDSU construction certificates (such as the SDSU project management online certificate), reach out to the College of Extended Studies Registration Office can be reached at: 619-594-5152. Fax: 619-594-7080 or email

For technical support contact Lisa Thibodeaux.

For class content questions, contact your instructor using the in class online message system.


Once inside the course, please use course messages if you wish to communicate with your instructor. The course message system is the best method to get in touch with your instructor.

Regular email will work too. However, it could get lost in the spam that we all receive every day. If you contact Lisa or your instructor with regular email, be sure to include the course number and your name.

For all other inquiries, call CEI at 760-634-2474 or use the contact us form on this website to get in touch.

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