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Your construction instructors are experienced working professionals who bring several years of wisdom, knowledge and expertise to all of our building and construction online courses.They are at or near the top of their profession in estimating, project management, construction supervision or other construction disciplines and have a heart for helping our students to advance their careers.

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Every CEI Instructor Embodies These Qualities:


Everyone who is invited to teach at CEI comes with a ton of hands-on experience. You can be assured that your instructor has a wealth of real world construction experience in the subject they are teaching and they are willing to share that experience and knowledge with you within our building and construction online courses.


Our expert construction instructors are all college educated with a minimum of a bachelors or masters in construction management or a related subject (engineering, architecture, or business administration). They have also achieved certifications and invest their time as proud members in industry organizations and volunteers for important causes.


Our instructors are all committed to education and giving back to the industry they have dedicated their career toward. Helping others to achieve their educational goals is an important way of paying it forward to individual workers and to improving the overall industry. That’s why they bring their all to the table in every single building and construction online course. In other words, they are able to pass on their blueprint for success to all of our students!

Experienced Construction Students Can BecomeTeachers
Several of our expert instructors have actually taken our building and construction online course as students and know exactly what it is like to be a student at CEI. They are well aware of how our courses look from a student’s perspective and understand the challenges and opportunities involved with online learning.

Responsibilities of Facilitators
Our instructors can more accurately be called facilitators because they help students navigate the course. The instructors post weekly grades, are available to answer questions, and, depending on the instructor and the subject matter, may participate in academic discussions or post mini-lectures to further clarify the subject matter. The instructors do not go after students to get work done on time, and they certainly don’t nag excessively.

If you feel you are qualified and have that burning desire to teach an online construction course then fill out the form and we will get back to you. You can also review our team of instructors. 


The CEI instructor gallery contains profiles of Certified Professional Estimators, Project Management Specialists, Civil Construction Specialists and Construction Engineering Specialists bringing you a range of experience, techniques, methods, and applications to help your career.

Construction management courses are taught by subject matter experts with decades of experience in the construction industry from managing projects, working with difficult people under difficult circumstances, negotiating work orders, closing out, leading meetings, and resolving conflict in a variety of methods.Construction management courses as well as estimating, supervisory and blueprint reading courses are monitored and assessed by construction career professionals across the country. Learn more about our team of construction experts, their education, project experience, and affiliations.


Certified Bluebeam Instructor
Instructor for: Bluebeam seminar series coming 2023
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Green Building and Project Management Specialist
Instructor for: 103 , 201, 202, 203, 204, 305 and 308
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Certified Professional Estimator CPE
Instructor for: 101 and 103 
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Construction Engineering Supervisor
Instructor for: 107, 205 and 206 
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Construction Estimator, Construction Project Manager
Instructor for: 105 
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Instructor, Engineering Technician
Instructor for: 108, 109, and 110
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Instructor for: 099, 100, 106, and 310 
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Instructor for: 102 
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Instructor for: 105 
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Fellow Certified Professional Estimator,
Cost Consultant (Retired)
Expert Witness and Chairman
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