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Do Construction Blueprint Reading Classes Online Offer More Benefits than In-Person Courses?

Do all construction blueprint reading classes online offer the same benefits? There are some undeniable attributes of online education: free parking, minimal commute, and dress casual. How about the learning process? While in-person learning offers accessibility to an in-person expert, and opportunities for face-to-face collaboration, does the learning transfer outside of the classroom?

Giving a Man a Fish vs. Teaching a Man to Fish

An online blueprint reading course will offer diverse experiences and are not one size fits all for learners. The expression by Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime,” reminds us that there is a difference between giving and teaching.

Giving an example of a set of plans, giving a lecture, giving a summary of a chapter or a recap of a series of statements is a common method of teaching. For auditory learners, it is a great source of absorbing knowledge gained from listening to the speaker’s exploration of plan reading. For kinesthetic learners, those who learn by doing, the instruction is incomplete. Construction does not take place in a silo. Quite the contrary. It is a combination of the efforts and effects of multiple teams, multiple revisions, and, the critical piece, solving problems collaboratively

The Skills Learned in Online Construction Supervision Certificate Programs

Teaching online blueprint reading classes has been a core offering of Construction Experts Inc’s 21 classes every term for the past 29 years of offering online construction classes. Learning in CEI’s online classes takes the form of collaborative problem-solving, personal reflection, assessment, inquiry, and comparison of keynotes, symbols, and abbreviations across multiple sets of plans in diverse drawings spanning from residential to commercial and industrial. 

Students in CEI’s construction blueprint reading classes online engage in multiple problem-solving activities on a weekly basis. Learning in an online blueprint reading course takes CEI students on an investigation of plan sets drilling down through the plans to find and confirm specific trade information on a weekly basis. 

At the end of the 10 weeks, CEI students have learned how to read blueprints online, expanded their professional network, obtained resources to support their company and their approach to plan reading, problem solving, and encountering changes in plans. 

In Person vs. Online

In person blueprint reading classes offer unique learning experiences in a timely manner. Whether after work, on the weekends, or other arrangements made by the HR team or company owner, in person training offers live feedback and an active presentation of facts, strategies, and methods to encourage best practices. 

Not all online blueprint reading courses are the same. While learning from a video recording has great advantages including pausing the speaker, repeating key sections and on-screen modeling, be aware of what the learner will take away. Can a learner’s knowledge be maximized by listening only? Can a learner’s application of skills transfer from what they hear to what they are expected to do/ perform on-site?

Student Experiences with Construction Blueprint Reading Classes Online

Students in Construction Experts Inc.’s online blueprint reading course agree that the different learning activities along with the instructor, resources, and collaborations of classmates create a beneficial learning experience: 

  • The greatest strength is that the instructor sets us up for success because he gives us everything we need to pass the class and leaves it up to us to do the work, and I read the lectures and textbook and passed the class.
  • The greatest strength of the course is the curriculum itself. I learned so much in this class, and I am impressed by my learning in such a short period of time.
  • I appreciated that it was guided but also self-paced if that makes sense. It was guided in the sense that we had set modules for each week of the class but self-paced in that if you needed to do everything all in one day you could or you could break things up and complete them during the week.
  • The greatest strength of the course is the instructor responding back quickly.

I trust that Tsu’s knowledge of human behavior patterns guided him to his conclusion that when a man is taught how to fish, it is through more than listening to another man. It is the experiences gained in learning by doing that will teach him how to fish for the rest of his life.

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