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How Construction Cost Estimating Training Can Save Your Business Money

The construction estimator is a cornerstone of a construction company. Based on construction cost estimating training and experience he provides attention to detail from a cost perspective to know the cost and feasibility of a construction project. She is organized, a strong communicator, accurate, and with an undeniable knowledge of plan reading, cost analysis, investigative skills, and, again, attention to detail. Her estimating and costing courses began with measurement, unit conversions, and plan reading and advanced to scheduling, estimating, and construction materials and processes.

His knowledge of not only trade-specific information, but of suppliers, bonding, insurance, overhead, risk, and scheduling, makes him a highly valued key person on the team. Her ability to communicate, research, plan and present information to be understood by others is what adds to the creation and modification of the company’s baseline documents throughout the project, the estimate. Estimators’ ability to provide a reasonable and fair cost will not only win jobs, but provide owners, project managers, and project teams with needed data, useful cost parameters, and an important bottom line to make decisions. The owner sees the construction estimator as a key point of contact who can better relay project cost information so the building’s finance needs are tended to with precision. 

Employment for Estimators and Foundational Training

From 2023 data collected by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), Estimators are in demand in California, the highest employer of estimators in the US at 25,850 compared to South Dakota employing 950 estimators (BLS 2024). Accurate cost estimates ensure that projects are financially viable and help prevent cost overruns. Investing in construction estimating training for your team can lead to significant savings and improved project outcomes. Construction training is often at the expense of a tenured construction professional, if one is available to train the incoming estimator. There is an easily accessible, convenient option that provides an experienced construction expert who provides instruction in a virtual environment. The foundation construction cost estimating training course is 101 Introduction to Construction Estimating. This foundational course should be taken by estimators, project managers, jr. estimators, and construction business owners. There are multiple estimating and costing courses that students can choose from in addition to 101 Introduction to Construction Estimating.

The Skills Learned in Online Construction Management Certificate Programs

A critical skill for cost estimators is blueprint reading. 103 Construction Blueprint Reading Similar to the knowledge of different calculations, the estimator’s ability to read plans, measure, locate, and decipher trade information is foundational to their success in estimating. 

Some estimators specialize in trade-specific work while others cover a more general scope. Budding estimators can receive extra support with templates, peer support, video review of homework assignments, and support in learning and using spreadsheet software. Topics span from cost codes and general conditions to concrete and masonry in 105 Estimating and Bidding 1. In Estimating and Bidding 2 topics span from carpentry to mechanical, electrical, and plumbing. 

The need for estimators for heavy civil and site work projects is large.  Construction cost estimating training continues in 114 Estimating for Civil and Site Work Construction where students estimate road work, estimating for excavation, shrink and swell, utilities, and labor.   

Construction Cost Estimating Training Results

Taking estimating and costing courses results in: 

1. Improved Accuracy in Estimates

These online training programs teach techniques and tools for cost estimating, ensuring that the estimating team can produce highly accurate estimates. This reduces the likelihood of underestimating costs, which can lead to budget overruns, or overestimating, which can make your bids less competitive.

2. Enhanced Efficiency and Productivity

Skilled estimators can produce estimates faster and with greater precision. Online training improves their proficiency with practice, examples, and methodologies, allowing them to complete estimates more quickly without sacrificing accuracy, reducing labor costs and allowing for quicker turnaround times for bid preparation.

3. Better Risk Management

Construction projects often encounter unexpected issues that can drive up costs. Training in cost estimating includes risk management strategies, helping your team identify potential risks early and incorporate contingencies into their estimates. This proactive approach minimizes the financial impact of unforeseen problems.

Getting Started With Construction Estimating Courses Online

By learning these skills through continued education, today’s construction leaders will strengthen their skillsets, advance their teams, sharpen their practices and improve morale and leadership practices. Those new to management will gain skills, confidence, and resources to take on the many tasks that await.

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