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The Certificate in Construction Project Management equips students with a variety of resources and collaborative practice in planning and scheduling, contract documents and construction law, exploration and practice in selecting the right equipment for the job, sustainable construction practices, applying the law to case studies commonly encountered on site, and more.

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Construction Experts Inc provides high quality, interactive online construction education courses to industry professionals who want to advance their career.

In 6 years, over 400 hundred students have successfully completed the Certificate in Construction Project Management online.

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Registration Ends April 13th REGISTER TODAY

Students can choose to register through one of the following schools to sign up for classes in the Certificate in Construction Project Management.

Students come to Construction Experts online classes from all across the United States,
various countries around the world, and throughout a variety of sectors in the construction industry

Residential and Commercial Construction, General Contractors, Subcontractors, Home Rehabilitation Specialists and Renovation Specialists, Senior Project Managers, Laborers, Carpenters, Project Administrators, Framers, Project Managers, Formen, Estimators, Project Coordinators, Office Administrators, Bookkeepers, Project Engineers, Sheet Metal Installers Journeymen Ironworkers, Superintendents, Assistant Superintendents, Senior Project Coordinators, Facilities Maintenance Supervisors, Interns, Real Estate Developers, Document Control Coordinators, Contracts Specialists, Electrical Designers, Project Designers, Facility Engineer, Maintenance Managers, Lead Technicians, Facilities and Operations Managers and career changers of all walks of life.

Our instructors are construction professionals currently working in the field.
Classes included in the Certificate in Construction Project Management include:


  • Know how green building impacts material and equipment procurement
  • Know how green building will impact the construction processes
  • Understand green project close-out and commissioning
  • Be able to evaluate subcontractors and material suppliers for green projects


  • Become familiar with construction equipment and their capabilities
  • Learn how to best utilize construction equipment on site work and heavy civil projects
  • Properly select equipment based on application, utilization, productivity, and other factors
  • Develop a basic understanding of unit price and earthwork quantities


  • Become familiar with the process of project planning and the efficiencies derived from planning
  • Define schedule activities and assign reasonable durations to activities
  • Properly sequence activities for logical project flow
  • Monitor, compare and update the project schedule



  • Understand and use common legal terms
  • Understand the different forms of formal dispute resolution including litigation, arbitration and mediation
  • Determine the levels of decision making authority and relationships as defined by general conditions
  • Understand the effects of changes as they are encountered and develop methods to respond to potential conflicts resulting from changes

Registration Ends January 20th REGISTER TODAY

Students can choose to register through one of the following schools to sign up for classes in the Certificate in Construction Project Management.