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CEI’s self-paced online construction classes offer busy construction professionals the opportunity to sharpen their skills while staying on top of the demands that work brings.

Course providers, Bucks County Community College, AACE International, and Middle Bucks Institute of Technology offer open enrollment all year long.

Construction Experts, Inc. provides high quality, interactive online construction education courses to construction students who want to advance their career.

Time is fleeting. Demands are growing. In the demanding world of construction, an online self-paced class is not only convenient but our online classes provide applicable information that can be accessed anytime during the duration of the class. Our self-paced classes and seminars provide working professionals with a structured classroom monitored and supported by a subject matter expert and construction professional.

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Students register through one of the following schools to sign up for Self-Paced Online Construction Classes & Seminars.

Register any time with the following schools.

Students are informed, assessed, and given the opportunity to practice the knowledge gained in the online classroom.

Students enrolled in self-paced classes, 101 and 102, are given 10 weeks to complete the work. Seminar students are given 5 weeks to complete 099 and 100.


Fast Facts

  • Over 5,200 students have attended our 101 Introduction to Construction Estimating class
  • Over 1,500 students have attended our 102 Essentials of Construction Math
  • Our online seminars provide on the go education over the period of 5 weeks
  • Seminar subjects include 100 Introduction to Construction and 099 Introduction to Concrete

Our first seminar, 100 Introduction to Construction launched January 2020. 099 Introduction to Concrete launched April 2020.  335 students have entered these seminars and left with a wealth of knowledge and skills to apply to their company and career.



  • Identify the materials and properties in Portland Cement Concrete
  • Differentiate between concrete manipulators used and their purposes
  • Explain the special considerations for adverse weather concreting in cold and hot weather conditions
  • Determine when it is best to use asphaltic concrete vs. Portland Concrete
  • Explain the structural features and functions of concrete


  • Identify the primary professions engaged in construction and their roles in the construction processes
  • Develop an understanding of the materials and processes used in construction
  • Explain and discuss various types of contract documents
  • Become familiar with building codes, zoning, and inspection
  • Understand basic concepts of estimating, project management and scheduling

OBJECTIVES: (10 week self paced course)

  • Learn the basic principles of construction estimating including how to organize an estimate
  • Pricing techniques
  • Elements of the estimate
  • Adjusting the estimate for different factors
  • Estimating labor, materials, and equipment

OBJECTIVES (10 week self paced course):

  • Calculate area and volume of various shapes
  • Convert measurements from cubic feet to cubic yards
  • Measure the volume of concrete footings, slabs, walls and columns
  • Calculate board feet
  • Calculate and measure for basic constructions in wood and concrete


Students can choose to register through one of the following schools to sign up for start anytime Self-Paced Online Construction Classes & Seminars.

Register anytime with the following schools.