2021 Student Reviews

We review and appreciate all our students’ feedback. It is part of what drives forward our course updates and instructor/admin collaboration for course improvements. You are welcome to share these student testimonials as you work with potential students to provide more insight into the learning experience. The name of the class is linked to the syllabus.

099 Introduction to Concrete

  1. In this uncertain world of Covid, I appreciated an online course and it felt like you were right there in a classroom.
  2. The course was a well laid out comprehensive look at what is involved in the world of concrete. The modules break down the information in a concise fashion and are just the right size to process the information.
  3. This is a solid course to give you the foundation needed when working with concrete.

100 Introduction to Construction

  1. Easy to follow and helpful practice quizzes
  2. The textbook was very helpful to me, I could get a full understanding of what Construction Management is
  3. Useful information and relatable to real work
  4.  there is a lot of useful information that I could get.

101 Introduction to Construction Estimating

  1. I learned great information about estimating and will use this info to help me estimate.
  2. I really appreciated the fact that it is self-paced and this helped me study real fast to help me catch up with the rest as I joined the class late.
  3. The book and online material are strengths. Both gave a more in-depth insight of the profession compared to university level courses that focus mainly on calculations. I credit that to the fact it was put together by those who practiced it on a regular basis over many years, in many different locations, project types, conditions and circumstances.
  4. The instructor wrote this course with simplicity in mind. Even little encouraging popups when you would select answers based on examples provided. That is a nice touch.
  5. The course is very good and useful in general. Even it was an introductory course I learned a lot from it.
  6. I found the course very helpful as I am new to estimating.

102 Essential Construction Math

  1. I like the order of topics. I feel like anyone could get to where they need to be regardless of their skill at the beginning, assuming they put in the required time.
  2. Everything was great. from the start, to self-pace, to the response from the tutor. all great
  3. I loved the course and I definitely will use the skills in real life. Thank you so much.

103 Construction Blueprint Reading

  1. The (Change Order) problems were pretty true to life and sets the thoughts to look for ways to understand to impact on schedule, cost and design change.
  2. I think the course was structured very well for people who are working full time plus jobs. You were able to go at your own pace as long as the work was done by end of week. I really appreciated that because thins time of year, work is somewhat overwhelming and not having homework assignments due everyday made it manageable. I really enjoyed this class and feel like I learned a lot of information that I wouldn’t have learned at work
  3. I really liked this course I learned a ton that I didn’t know!
  4. I think the Discussion Posts were well spaced out where you had to be checking in throughout the week, much better than a situation where just everything was due on Sunday and you could possibly forget and have to rush through everything. It forced me to continually be involved, which helps with learning the material!
  5. This course actually teaches more than blueprint reading it introduced me to a lot of construction terminology and methodology that I hadn’t formally been presented.

105 Estimating and Bidding 1

  1. This course was great, it taught me how to complete a QTO and prepare an estimate.
  2. I feel like the most useful thing i learned this semester is how to properly organize an estimate and i learned some new tricks on excel that help me to be more efficient. I have yet to use any thing i leaned in the work place but hope to soon.
  3. The most useful things I’ve learned this semester have been having to rehone my excel spreadsheet skills. Also, using the specific units of measurement for each line item. This is critical to achieving a competitive estimate. I have applied these skills of looking for particular details in structural drawings to identify where the footings would be found.
  4. Having come into this program with zero construction experience, I have learned a lot. The most beneficial, I think, is the language. Also, I have a great start to a solid foundation in reading blueprints.
  5. Some of the most useful things I learned this semester was how to properly organize an estimate, create a QTO. This class helped me translate my blueprint skills and quantify items to include in the QTO. I found the homework assignments quite challenging as the weeks progressed, but found them critical to implement the knowledge I learned in the modules. Overall this class was great and I will use concepts I learned in my work.
  6. I think the most important thing I learned was simply how to organize a QTO and estimate. I came in with almost no experience and feel like I can now successfully estimate for a variety of different projects.
  7. This class was great and exceeded my expectations
  8. The excel data forms are they helpful in organizing bid work and I will use this template in the future. Homework problems were helpful. Without the problems I would have only caught a grasp of concepts whereas the homework problems made point to reiterate the importance of a complete bid.

106 Estimating and Bidding 2

  1. The greatest strength of this course is the discussion group, which gives each class participant access to a huge wealth of knowledge and experience. Making discussion group input a requirement of the class brings an element of accountability to the experience.
  2. What I have learned in this course, the spreadsheets, summary sheets and little tricks along the way are now fully implemented into our estimating process. It has been an enormous help to me and the guys in the office who benefit in turn.
  3. This was a great course to end estimating with. I feel like I have stepped up my excel skills with all the practice from homework. I usually don’t have to make any at work since they have all the forms ready to be used. I enjoyed reading everyone’s personal work stories and experience, that gave me a different way of thinking of things. I will be able to use most of everything I have learned especially if we happen to be working with any of the trades we learned about.
  4. This has been a great course. Going through the steps for QTO to pricing a project is absolutely the formal instruction I needed. I also really enjoyed learning from the other students. This information will be an important part of rounding out my skill sets for my next career!
  5. I found the course to be an invaluable study of construction cost estimating. I have assembled an assortment of spreadsheet templates to work up costs, using varying estimating methods. They’re a great foundation to build an estimate on. The format of the class oftentimes challenged me to apply outside-the-box thinking. It aligns with how I approach ambitious efforts.
  6. I have been using what I learn every week and incorporating into my job at work which has made me a better estimator.
  7. The course was great because I learned a lot from how to do rough carpentry estimates, finishes, roofing and also in the previous two weeks we saw the electrical, HVAC, and plumbing issues that I had no idea how to work them and with the classes, the readings and the discussions I have a better idea of how to do a conceptual estimate of these trades.I feel that the assignments in general helped to reinforce the importance of defining exactly what is being estimated, then using an organized, systematic approach to preparing the estimate. The Bid Day assignment was very helpful. I’ve done bid comparisons for single trades at my job, but never a complete compilation like in this assignment. 

107 Construction Materials and Processes

  1. Works perfectly for my workload at work and schedule. The content: it’s our every day life in the construction world. I could apply my knowledge right away at work.
  2. Thank you! I really enjoyed it – I look forward to another class through this organization and the SFSU
  3. Instructor was quick to grade and structured quiz questions and discussion questions very well! Thank you very much
  4. This course was supper helpful and gave me a greater understanding of how construction methods and materials work. I particularly loved learning about concrete because it is such a versatile material it can be used in so many ways.
  5. Overall the class was informative. I appreciated and learned quite a bit from my classmates through there post, uploads, and the way they cited there material. Thank you all for the insight and inputs. Thank you all for making this a fun, exiting, and very informative class.
  6. My previous education didn’t go that deep into construction systems and processes. I think one of the specific subjects learned more about it was wood, all the construction components, how they work and interact, how to build with those and when is best to do it. At work I hear about it all day long but now I understand the “why” of so many situations and makes me more confident as a designer to participate in conversations and discussions. Also, it is giving me tools to know what questions to ask, where to look for certain information or requirements, even before starting drawing.
  7. Working in construction for the past 15 years, all of the material we went over was pretty familiar. It was good to re-learn things I don’t deal with anymore in my job and also learn new a bunch stuff in this course too.
  8. This was my first construction course. All of the material was new to me and I found very helpful. Being the new intern at a GC, there was so much terms and vocabulary that was alien to me but I was able to familiarize myself with a lot in this class. I enjoyed seeing my classmates projects and insights as well. I liked concrete, foundations and finishes the most because they bridge the gap between the earth and the building and what we see when we walk into a finished building.

108 Construction Equipment and Methods

  1. The means and methods of concrete pouring/pumping will be an area that I will be using a lot along with the accounting, acquisition and maintenance modules were of importance to me.
  2. For me the best thing I learned in this course was the correlation between equipment and earthmoving. I think the assumption is to get the largest piece of equipment you can find and use that for the project, but it’s not always the most productive. I appreciated the dive into the CAT handbook and learning how to read and understand the equipment’s specifications and understand how to apply those to a specific project.
    I think there is so much more in civil sitework construction that this course really just scratches the surface. But as I said in my other discussion thread, I think the course has given me a good understanding of the expectations on civil sitework and the confidence to meet the challenges presented.
  3.  I liked how in depth this course went into the information.
  4. Overall what stood out the most was that there were equations that could be used to figure out what form of equipment would be best to be used. I honestly never thought I would used equations in regards construction equipment choosing.  If I had to rate the class from 10 being the highest and 0 being the lowest, I would choose 10, the highest. This course taught me so much and will definitely be put into future use. There are so many methods and research that has stuck with me during these past weeks that I never knew existed or how to use when selecting equipment and overall how much different equipment pieces there are! All objectives listed in the syllabus were definitely met.
  5. The most interesting thing to me was the conversation of  to LCY and learning how to determine compacted fill. It is also the most relevant I have already used the equations I learned here on a project to bring in fill dirt. The most important thing to me in selecting equipment is cost and choosing the correct equipment for the task given. Overall, I thought the course was pretty good.
  6.  The most interesting is how we can decide between renting or purchasing the equipment and all different factors like project duration, budget, maintenance, would the new equipment be useful to the company in the future and timing for renting and purchasing.– Studying earthwork equipment help me get better understanding for the equipment used in our project and how to calculate the equipment productivity

109 Practical Applications of Civil Construction

  1. The class met my expectations as I wanted an overview of civil construction processes.
  2. I think most of it went into pretty good detail of everything. I am taking a estimating class next along with a civil materials and process class next I believe it is.

110 Civil Blueprint Reading and Materials

  1. There is so much I learned that is useful for the work I do! From different materials for backfill to piping. The other day my Superintendent ask me to find what kind of rock we were using in the past for fine grade materials. He was able to tell me one was regular rock and the other had fines in it, and I knew exactly what he was talking about.
  2. Thank you for a great 10 weeks of learning! The most important thing I personally learned was how to read and analyze blueprint plans, as this will be extremely applicable as I pivot into the construction industry in the coming months. Additionally, learning about critical documents and different types of concrete were very significant towards my future job.
  3. Material choice on a project is so important and it was really nice to take a deep dive into all the properties of many different types of materials we would see on a project. This is what was the most important thing I learned in this course.

114 Estimating Civil and  Site Work Construction

  1. The choice of textbook is very good, it and the course is packed full of important information that will be directly useful in the field.
  2. The course is perfect the way it is. The assignments are the greatest strength as they make the course practical with real field scenarios.
  3. One useful skill is just learning the formulas for different types of trenches and excavation requirements. The homework was challenging and very thought provoking. Some assignments took way too much time for my liking, but that is to be expected for a class like this.
  4. I am much more familiar with what is included in earthwork amounts and costs. Any information picked up about soils, LY conversions, types of excavation and how to measure trenches/foundation excavation, spoil and borrow, along with time and work amount for labor and equipment was crucial in understanding how to measure and price out this kind of work. This course has helped me get into a more calculated mindset when it comes to putting together a proposal.
  5. I really enjoyed the communication and discussions with other classmates, learning about each other’s processes, and helping each other with work and homework. I also really liked learning about how to read contour lines. Finding averages and depths was really important in making more accurate excavation numbers, and learning from maps with plenty of visual examples is always enjoyable and helpful.
  6. Where do I even start. A lot of new skills here, but perhaps the most valuable is “balancing” a site. I had no idea any of this was done for earthworks. I can’t say what I did think, I think I just didn’t really pay attention at all. Understanding what it takes to get a site to grade is absolutely a game changer.
    This is not a lie to get points – Contours. I can finally read contour maps. Feels so good.
    I thought the course was thorough and outstanding. I have Zero suggestions to improve.

201 Leadership and Motivation

  1. Overall I really liked the course and the flexibility in the schedule to get assignments done on time. Thanks Again!
  2.  The course had a positive impact on my understanding of my role at work. Most importantly, I consider it now to practice more based on the knowledge learnt. It is absolutely clear that being an effective leader is a long way and a lot of work on yourself, your mistakes and tries. I liked the format of this course, it was interesting to read the opinions of my classmates. We are from different different countries, different ages, different experiences and backgrounds. I am going to complete all eight courses in order to get the certification. The next two courses I want to register for are ENGR 0030 Oral and Written Communication and ENGR 0032 Planning and Scheduling.
  3. This course has change the way I work just the way I look at things and how I handled him with the guys trying to motivate them and giving them praise when they do well talking things out with them to resolve problems together instead of just coming on the job and say do this do that Discuss it with foremans and superintendents, been trying more to place guys together that work well together and give constructive criticism when needed without offending people.

202 Oral and Written Communication

  1. Good for COVID-19
  2. Being a effective listener will help me in the day to day parts of my job. Getting more feedback is crucial to the success of the job. I have implemented this train of thought and had the best outcome so far. Not hearing what I want to hear but actually absorbing what is being discussed.
  3.  I have found that if I can slow myself down enough to hear the entire conversation, I can help to find solutions. I have been working on this with the apprentices in the field to see what helps them be more productive.


203 Risk Management and Problem Solving

  1. The most valuable lesson was to look at risk from all angles and to use brainstorming with others to ensure that every issue is covered. This same lesson applies to solutions. The course also helped me to think about my own projects in a different way by stepping back and applying the different frameworks presented, which was very valuable.
  2. The first portion of this course about problem solving and a problem solving attitude was very helpful to me. It has helped me to look for the true problem in various situations and isolate the symptoms.

204 Contract Documents and Construction Law

  1. As a project manager this class has been extremely valuable. Contract documents has been provided more information than any of the other classes pertaining to project management. This is where all the eggs land when everything is said and done with a project. This unit provided several surprises consistently. But more than anything is helped me broaden what I know. For example chapter 10 and the ways of working thru these potentially legal situations that can arrive. One thing that really was awesome was the references to the census documents and reading through how AIA puts those documents together.
  2. I had timing on my side while taking this course. We are in the process of starting a new job and I was able to practice what I was learning in the course in the field. I would say that the most important thing that I’ve learned would have to be understanding the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved in the contract finalization stage of the project.
    This course has helped me work on new approaches to negotiating and getting my subs to complete their work.
  3.  I really really liked this Certification Program. I just started a new job in San Diego and I think the certification really helped with landing the new gig.
  4. For me, every unit was very important. Just a few years into my Supervisor role I think it is essential for me to understand contract forms and documents and become familiar with all of them. I never heard of ConsensusDocs before this course. I learned that the duty of a field Supervisor is to review each of these Documents as it is the foundation of the successfulness of the project. Each Contract or Agreement is different and needs to be handled as such. I’m currently in the closing stages of the project I’m on. There’s a lot of information in this course study booklet that I’m looking forward to starting my next project with a better understanding and tools that are required to create a better experience for all parties. I appreciate all the class discussions. In some of them they helped with changing my perspectives.
  5. Learning about liens was the most informative part of that week, as I didn’t know anything about them outside of when to request them for a pay application. This actually came in handy only a week or two after that, when an owner’s rep got confused between what lien waiver we should be providing for that pay app.
  6. This course has definitely taught me to learn, examine, and understand each part of a contract. . Overall this whole course was all new information for me and very informative and definitely helpful in understanding how crucial contracts and documentation is.

205 Planning and Scheduling

  1. Having the opportunity to learn the software with an example schedule of events was one of the most important pieces of information I learned in this class.
  2. I have taken what I’ve learned and put it towards my estimating. It’s helped me understand a bit more on crews and timeframes to be able to estimate work that needs done. I am glad you had us try out some of the estimating software and our company is now looking at getting Primavera.
  3. I have found that the trades are more responsive and less confused with the new schedules.
  4. The one thing that stands out to me in this class is that, if done correctly with a good amount of detail, your schedule can do much more for you than just being a discussion topic on the meeting minutes or a document to pass along to project members and documenting progress.
  5. I have used several details I have learned in this class already, creating a baseline on our project schedules, working implementing pull plans for our MEP trades on a couple projects. We are also using the resources and labor functions in Microsoft project to track our general conditions and supervision budgets on our projects. We don’t normally do this but we started doing this on two projects in the last month. I have also been able to get a few teams to show more activities on their schedules which helps our submittal and procurement schedule.
  6. Weakness would be it was pretty basic, strength is that they really got into the weeds of the behind the scenes of how a project plan is developed and how it is mapped out without the use of a planning tool.
  7. I now have a deeper understanding of how schedules are created, modified, and most importantly, communicated. This class has allowed me to speak up during our internal scheduling meetings and make suggestions about how to better communicate the 3 week look ahead and the master schedule so that our weekly subcontractor meeting runs more smoothly and efficiently.

206 Construction Productivity and Cost Management

  1. It was a real eye opener for me. I see myself referring back to this section many times in the future in order retain money on projects that otherwise would be lost. This section alone is worth the cost of the entire supervisory training program. This is my last course in the program. It has far exceeded my expectations.
  2. I’ve feel as though I’ve learned an entire set of skills and acquired knowledge that can literally be used anywhere in the world!
  3. This was a great course that will be put to use in my career. I think lesson two with the concrete takeoff was a critical lesson. There is a huge disconnect between the field and the office and I feel like this lesson helps bridge that gap.
  4. This is the third class I have taken. I still keep for review the book from the other class in case I might need some insight on and item that was covered in one. I know that this book will come into my life again as I progress with my career.
    I have enjoyed the class and the feed back
  5. Everything we have gone over has been extremely useful. I thought the pre planning checklist in session 2 was extremely helpful in helping supervisors identify killer clauses. The role playing exercises through out made things a little more real and gave me a better understanding of the lessons in those chapters

305 Building Green Buildings

  1. This is my 3rd course taken with this instructor and he is great! Very well planned out material and coincided with the chapters from the book really nicely.
  2. The class was so informative and the Green Building process like the obvious choice for all construction that people would spend time in.
  3. I have been in construction almost 25 years and so many things were new to me in this class. Learned a lot.
  4. Instructor was good at providing direction and making sure we understood the intent of the lessons.
  5. Mr. Hahn is awesome! You know where you stand at all times. I never had to wonder what my grade was. He was on consistently on top of it. True professional.
  6. I liked how there was a scenario and we are to figure out how to be sustainable.
  7. Mr. Hahn did a great job getting us class engaged in the material and with one another.

308 Construction Project Management

  1. This was the best class I have taken so far in the program.
  2. I’ve created schedules using Project, but didn’t always understand how to utilize the tool/resources and having our assigned exercise (homework) really forced me to look at the process in a different way. Once I started to put the schedule together, I found myself enjoying the work. Scheduling (in my opinion) is so vital to this work that I’m grateful to have been “forced” to put one together in a more logical way, very useful and helpful exercise.
  3. This course was a great introduction to Construction Project Management. I was wrong to think this would just be an overview class and not learn new subject matter. It helps that each person in the class comes from a different area of the industry and I got to see different perspectives as I read posts from each module. This was my first semester towards a construction project management certification and I’m glad that this was one of my first classes, it will help me keep everything else in perspective.
  4. I enjoyed the class as it correlated so much with what I do daily. It’s always great to learn about the theory side of what happens around my work area. It has been an incredible journey learning so much from reading the many experiences everyone encounters throughout daily tasks at work.
  5. I feel that this course will help me out with my career. It helped fill in some of the gaps between working in the field and moving the to office for me. in the field you are more worried about just getting the job done on time. In this class we learned why you need to get the job done on time.
  6. I am very grateful for this introductory course. I am very confident in understanding the construction process from start to finish and it is thanks to this class.

310 Practical Applications of Construction Law

  1. Once I reached out to the instructor and asked for help, it really started to click! I actually ended this course loving the it and the instructor!
  2. The greatest strength was the discussion board interactions with other students that are actually trying to learn.
  3. Great instructor. Course material was relevant to construction and he challenged my thinking. He definitely required you to earn your grade. His timeline for feedback to assignments was great and appreciated. Would definitely recommend this professor and course to those I know who are looking to expand their knowledge of construction law.
  4. This course has definitely enlightened me on topics that I have been wanting to learn more about. Topics like liens, insurance, and waivers are typically handled by others in my office, so I was happy to see them come up as topics of discussion in the course.
  5.  I expected this class to be a challenge, but didn’t expect it to be so rewarding. It is part of my required coursework for the certification program that I’m enrolled in, but it may end up as my favorite class (ever!). I learned so much and have so much more confidence in my ability to understand contracts – which is vital to my new role.
  6. This course will help me develop my career goals by teaching me the ins and outs of the law around the construction industry. I am now more knowledgeable in this area, and now know exactly 2021 student reviewswhat to look out for when it comes to contracts, dealing with issues that steam from the field and the contracts. In my career I am shooting to become a project manager from a superintendent, and I believe that this course has helped me implement things that are very important to contracts, and what should be in them to provide the most protection for the owner and the company. It has given a clear path on how to handle situation that come about, like disputes from contracts, suppliers, subcontractor, and defects.
  7. This course has given me a better understanding of the law as it applies to contracting. Chapter 8 Changes, additions and delays (MOD 4) was my favorite. It provided great information on legal avenues for payment without a change order. A lot of our projects are fast paced and changes often take place prior to formal approvals. Although I have not ran into a situation where the owner/ GC disputed extra work it is good to know my legal options.