About Construction Experts Inc.

Construction Experts Inc. was formed in 1994 and incorporated in the State of California in 1995. We provide self-paced and paced online courses for educational institutions and non-profit industry organizations.   Our classes are offered for-credit at San Diego State University and not-for-credit through many schools and non-profit industry organizations.

Trained and educated workers advance faster within their careers and are able to earn better wages.  Trained and educated workers are more profitable to the companies they work for.  It is for that reason Construction Experts is offering these classes to increase your access to major construction training offered world-wide on the Internet.

Lisa Thibodeaux is President.

Robert R. George is Chairman of the Board

We are proud to be active members of the following organizations

Associate General Contractors of America
American Society of Professional Estimators
National Association of Women in Construction on Construction Experts Inc
Authority for Total Cost Management
Associated Builders and Contractors San Diego Chapter
Jason Marchese

Bachman & Sanders Demolition


“This Planning and Scheduling course has pushed me beyond my peers with engineering degrees. Now I can confidently give a briefing on a project with graphics to enhance project understanding.”

Charles McGovern

Rehab Experts


“Estimating and Bidding 2 was by far the BEST estimating class I have taken throughout this construction program. Discussions were excellent with my classmates. I have been learning and using most of what we have been going over. “