Client Information

Four year universities, community colleges, and construction industry organizations offer our classes. Below is a list of questions, answers, and a video about partnering with Construction Experts Inc. Contact Lisa Thibodeaux with any questions about client information.

How can we get started offering these online courses?

Getting started is easy. First, be advised that we only work with accredited educational institutions and non-profit construction industry organizations.

If you meet those requirements, you can download the Contract and Attachment A  at these links. Once the contract is in order, you are ready to offer online classes to your students or membership. Contact us with any questions.

View our class schedule for the next 15 months to find a description of upcoming classes.

The final step is to let your students and members know that you are now offering our online construction courses for their use.

Tell Me About Online Courses

Online courses are no less demanding than in-classroom courses. The learning goals, homework requirements, and participation of the students are much the same as in-classroom courses.

We use different teaching techniques online than we do in classrooms. In the online environment, discussions occur in bulletin board discussion groups. Lectures are mainly written. Some classes have supplementary brief (90 seconds) audio lectures. Students consider case studies and discuss solutions to common industry problems.

Online courses offer the student the convenience of anytime education. Students are required to do a certain amount of work each week and to keep up with the class, but, they can do their work at times convenient to them. Anywhere there is a computer with internet connection, they can log into class. They can choose how long to spend in the class at any given time. 15 minutes or 2 hours are both ok, just so long as the week’s assignments are completed within the current week.

Online training is convenient and effective.

Online training is the perfect solution for busy construction professionals!

Take a look at our demonstration course to get an idea of how it all works. The link will open in a new window.

WHY should I make these online classes and STP online courses available to my students and members?
There is no up-front money required and you make no financial commitments until after you have collected tuition and sent the students to us. It is up to you to decide how much to charge for the courses.

Our instructors are the best available.  They are all working professionals with the kind of credentials students are looking for.  Several of our teachers have completed the STP online series as students. They are working as estimators, superintendents, project managers or in similar positions.  The estimating instructors are Certified Professional Estimators and have construction related degrees.

Provide STP online and our other online classes as a valuable benefit for your members. Online learning is effective and convenient. Workers can attend class from any computer with Internet access.

Note to non-profit organizations: Online classes can be offered to your members at attractive rates and you can still realize non-dues income for the chapter. It is up to you to decide how much to charge for the courses. Set the prices so that the chapter realizes some income from each student registered.

What part does my organization play?
The chapter or school advertises the courses, handles student registration, and collects tuition monies. Chapters usually also handle textbook distribution for the STP (200 series) courses and issue certificates of completion or grade confirmations.

Once registration is complete, send us the student’s full name, email address, courses they registered for, mailing address if a textbook is needed, and phone number. We take it from there. At the completion of the course we will issue a letter grade for each student to let you know how they have done in the course.

Construction Experts Inc responsibilities
We take care of the student from the time you send us their information up to the point where we can send you an email with a letter grade indicating how well the student did in the course.

We provide access to the classroom, tech support, all necessary instruction, assessment and grading.  If we are providing the textbook, it will be sent by U. S. Priority Mail to the address you provide. At the end of the course students can print our a certificate of completion with their passing grade. We will notify you of the student’s letter grade.

At that point, you can issue a certificate of completion or whatever is your custom for successful students.

Our responsibilities are carefully outlined in the contract.  The above is a general description of how we will work together to serve the students.

What is the drop policy?
For paced classes, we will allow you to withdraw students up until the end of the second week of class with no charge or penalty.

For self-paced classes, we will we will allow you to withdraw students up until the end of the second module or second week of class, whichever comes first, with no charge or penalty.

You should have a more stringent withdrawal policy for your students because of the costs associated with processing credit cards and registrations.

You can use the following sample as your withdrawal policy and it will probably cover the costs of withdrawals.

Can you suggest a drop policy for our students?

A Sample Withdrawal Policy for your students

You can establish any withdrawal policy that works best for your organization.  The following policy is a sample that other providers have found useful.

You may withdraw from a course by sending an email to (someone at your organization) or by conventional mail requesting to be dropped from the course.  Non-attendance or notifying the instructor does not constitute officially dropping or withdrawing from a course.  Students who stop attending courses without officially dropping will receive a grade of U  in the class. Refunds are not automatic. NO refunds are due unless the course is officially dropped within stated guidelines in the refund schedule.

  Refund Schedule

a. Withdrawal postmarked at least one working day before the first day of class – total fee less a $20 handling fee.
b. Refund requests postmarked on or after the first day and no later than two weeks after the first day of class will be refunded 65% of the fee, after which time there is no refund.
c. Decision on withdrawals and refunds will be based on the date when we  receive written withdrawal notice. Drops done by mail are effective as of the postmark date.
d. All course materials including the textbook and other included supplies must be returned in their original conditions, shrink wrap unbroken, or the cost of the book at minimum or a $100 charge will apply.
Do you have any ready made advertising we can use?
Our clients are free to use any information you find on this web site to help promote the classes.  You can copy our syllabi, class descriptions, FAQs, graphics, or any other information you find here to promote the classes.

Clients can also provide us with any flyers advertising the courses they are willing to share and we will make them available to others.  Just send us the flyer and let us know you are willing to share.

How much should we charge for online classes?
The amount you charge is up to you.  We do not require that you charge a certain tuition amount.

Beyond that, you will want to charge a fair price that covers your cost and provides some non-dues income for your organization.

Look over what the other providers are charging by visiting our registration page. The providers on this page are offering all of our classes to any student whether they are a member or not and regardless of where they are located in the world.