These construction education articles cover value, training, efficiency, retention, requirements, and principles of good practice. Review them briefly to get an idea of what journalists and other online students have to say about online classes.

August 2021 Construction Industry Update Highs and Lows  2021 is the reemergence year with its own challenges and celebrations. While the industry struggles it regains strides in various sectors.

Construction Industry Updates from Construction Experts Inc Looking back at the impacts of 2020, we review industry economic reports, the growth of the industry, and how attendance in construction classes is rising.

Learning Online: Community, Collaboration and Connection Quality online programs showcase students collaboration, communication, and creativity. Instructors communicate the material, engage with students via feedback, Q/A, and provide quality supplemental material that is relevant to the industry today.

Expanding Educational Offerings This article focuses on the ways online education can motivate, benefit and engage construction professionals and the new offerings offered by Construction Experts, Inc.

How Online Learning is Building the Construction Industry  This article outlines the benefits of online learning for the construction industry.

The Value of Vocational Certificates This article appeared in several publications including USA Today. The article details a study that concludes certificates awarded through short-term vocational training programs can reap a bigger payoff than a bachelor’s degree.

How to Become a Construction Estimator
A brief look at the basic requirements for a profession in construction estimating.

AGC Students Speak Out About Online Learning
AGC students from the South Florida chapter of the AGC speak out about their experiences taking online construction classes.

How to get your employees interested in training
Many employers are happy to provide training for their employees but they just can’t get the employees interested.  Follow these 10 steps and your employees will be asking for more classes.

How to Hang on to your Employees
Hanging onto your employees in a tight labor market is important to the success of your company and not as difficult as you might think.  Here are a few low cost things you can do better than your competition that will generate employee loyalty.

On Line Students Fare Better
A surprising new study at the California State University at Northridge shows that students learning in a virtual classroom tested 20 percent better across the board than their counterparts who learned in a traditional classroom.

Implementing the Seven Principles:  Technology as Lever  by Arthur W. Chickering and Stephen C. Ehrmann.  This essay describes some of the most cost-effective and appropriate ways to use computers, video, and telecommunications technologies to advance the Seven Principles of Good Practice in Undergraduate Education.