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Taking a moment to look over our online classroom demo. Then take the next step with a self-paced class to get used to online learning.

Log on page


Log on using the secure information provided in your class access email sent from constructionclasses@gmail.com. 

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Once logged on, the classroom looks like this. Click the image to find more about the course homepage.

The center section in the graphic contains links to information and resources that may be used throughout the course.

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Scroll down the course homepage to find the Learning Modules. Students are advised to budget 5 hours per week per course to complete the work assigned in the learning module.

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A typical weekly lesson looks something like this. Not shown are the various lecture pages the student will read along with the textbook readings each week .Also not pictured are the discussion board topics students will respond to each week.

The lectures are short, focused, and to the point. Students can review the lectures at their convenience. There are no set class hours. The course is available to you 24/7 while class is in session.

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Students will participate in problem solving sessions, discussions and other interactive activities within the course by utilizing our Discussion Boards.

The bulletin board is demonstrated by showing an actual discussion in one of our courses. Student names have been removed for privacy purposes.

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Quizzes can contain multiple choice, matching, and other types of questions. The quizzes typically contain 5 to 10 questions and students are allowed to take the quizzes twice in most of the paced classes. The highest score is then entered in the student grade sheet.

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Your grade sheet is always available to you. Quizzes are graded by the computer and posted to your grade sheet immediately. Discussions, homework and other assignments are graded by the instructor once per week and grades posted.

Students will know when their grades are posted and they will be notified by email of any notes or comments the instructor has added to their grade sheet.

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You will have your own homepage that you can customize for your own needs. You can upload your photo, collect messages, and monitor activity in the courses you are registered in.

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You will find the course messaging system to be a convenient and fast way to contact your instructor and fellow students when the need arises.