Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some frequently asked questions, answers, and links to keep you going. Contact us if you have questions about registration, books, certificates, instructors, grades, or costs. We are here to get you on the right track.

I lost my password or the link to my classroom. What do I do?
Get to your classroom by going to Enter your username and password and click Login.  If you lost your password, email Lisa Thibodeaux an email and she will look it up for you.
When can I expect to receive my grade?
You grade will be turned into the institution within two weeks of completion.  It may take a few weeks for your school to synch their records and make grades available to you. For your official grade, please contact the school you registered with.

You may print your proof of completion by clicking on the Certificate of Completion link in the online classroom once you see your final grade. The certificate will be the last link in the course.

SDSU students are to obtain official grades, transcripts, and payment receipts directly from the SDSU Web Portal.

SFSU students can access their grades digitally once they are posted.

I was taking a quiz and disaster struck and now I have a zero on the quiz. Can you help?
Just send an email to the teacher explaining what happened.  The quiz can be reset so you get another shot at it.   You should realize though that there are a limited number of times disaster can strike your computer before we get suspicious.
I have completed a series of classes. Now, how do I apply for my certificate?

SDSU students need to fill out the online Certificate Request form and submit it.  You can submit the form after you have registered for your last class in the series.

All other students are encouraged to contact the issuing school or organization.

I have to go out of town while class is in session. Can I do make up work?
You can log onto the course from any computer with an Internet connection so traveling may not be a problem.  If you will be away from the Internet then try to do the work either before you leave or as soon as you get back.  You can work on the current lesson for an 8 day period without being late for anything.  If you are late with some assignments, a small grading penalty may be assessed but that should not affect your overall grade if you keep up with your work throughout the course.
Do I get a certificate for every class I take?
You will be able to print a Certificate of Completion from within the classroom during the 11th week of class access. Class access will end 7 days after the last week of class.

Obtain your official grade and certificate from the school you registered.  AACE International, ASPE and ABC of San Diego issue a certificate for each course you take through them. Not all schools provide certificates. Ask your course provider if they provide a certificate when your register.

Do I get college credit or CEUs for any of the classes?
San Diego State University issues college credit for all of the courses you take through them. SDSU is our only partner offering college credit.

San Fransisco State University offers 4.5 Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for each class taken through them. CEUs are a permanent record of educational accomplishments.

What computer/technical requirements are there for these online classes?
  • Latest version of internet browser
  • A computer with stable access to the internet.
  • Ability to email, create basic word processing or spreadsheet documents.
  • A Portable Document File reader Download Adobe Acrobat Reader for Adobe PDF files [.pdf] – free viewer