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The CEI instructor gallery contains profiles of Certified Professional Estimators, Project Management Specialists, Civil Construction Specialists and Construction Engineer Supervisors bringing you a range of experience, techniques, methods, and applications to help your career. See detail pages with background, education, project experience, and affiliations.

Troy DeGroot

Certified Bluebeam Instructor

Instructor for: 080

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Kristina Dewberry

Kristina Dewberry

Construction Project Manager

Instructor for: 103

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James Dorman

James Dorman

Construction Operations Manager

Instructor for: 103, 114

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CEI Instructor David Hahn

David Hahn

Green Building and Project Management Specialist

Instructor for: 103, 201, 202, 203, 204, 305 and 308

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CEI Instructor Harry Kominski

Harry Kominski, CPE

Certified Professional Estimator

Instructor for: 101, 103, and 105

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CEI Instructor Martin Lightle

Martin Lightle

Construction Engineering Supervisor

Instructor for: 107, 205, and 206

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Manny Maldonado

Project Manager, Estimator

Instructor for: 105

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Nishant More

Certified Cost Technician

Instructor for: 114

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Jim Moreno

Instructor, Engineering Technician

Instructor for: 108, 110

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CEI Instructor Steven Richardson

Steven Richardson, EJD

Instructor for: 099, 100, 106, and 310 
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Chairman Bob George

Bob George, FCPE

Fellow Certified Professional Estimator, Cost Consultant (Retired)

Expert Witness and Chairman

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