Receiving your Password

Password and information about your online course is sent out by email either one week before class starts or when we receive your registration information from the organization where you registered for class.

SDSU sends us the registration information beginning on the Thursday before class starts and each business day throughout the registration period.  Registration information is not sent to us on weekend days. Please allow 24-48 hours to receive your course start up information after you submit your registration to SDSU.

Email and Password Suggestions

Your password is sent by html email using an automated email program. The automated email is necessary for sending dozens of passwords at once rather than one at a time.  Some company fire walls are very sensitive to automated email programs and block our emails.

If you are among the 2 or 3% of our students who are having trouble receiving your password and log in information there are a couple of things you can do.

1.  Give us your personal email rather than company email address.

2.  Put on your company’s white list (a list of approved email senders). Plus add into your contact list on your personal email account. This will reduce the changes of it going to spam.

3.  Contact us by phone and we can help to make sure you get your password quickly.  760.634.2474

4.  Check your spam folder.  Some email programs might automatically transfer your password email into the spam folder if you have strict spam rules set up.

The fight to control spam has reached the point where legitimate emails are often filtered out. Many company firewalls simply delete the incoming email so we don’t know when an email has not reached the student

We continue to work hard to find efficient methods for getting your information to you in as timely a manner as possible.