Student Reviews of Courses in the Certificate in Civil Site Work

The Certificate in Civil Site Work has brought together a diverse student body from a variety sectors including Student reviews of courses in the certificate in civil site workgeneral contractors, landscapers, subcontractors, estimators, commercial and industrial developers, environmental and civil engineering firms to city wastewater authority engineers and beyond. Construction students from across the United States and around the world collaborate on the discussion boards to deepen their knowledge of civil construction. From equipment selection and productivity to civil blueprint reading and civil estimating, students dive into subjects relevant to civil construction and in turn increase their company’s resources and productivity. Student reviews of courses in the certificate in civil site work are below. For more student reviews, click the link to each course page.

108 Construction Equipment and Methods

  • I will say that this one has been the most challenging as well but I did learn a lot. In fact, I learned a lot in the other courses I have taken while pursuing this certificate but this one was definitely interesting because of the application of information on the job site.
  • This course will help with properly preparing me and exposing me to comparing different equipment as a PM. Since I have minimal construction experience, except as general labor experience, I feel as if this course as well as the other courses I took will help out a lot.

109 Practical Applications of Civil Construction

  • Taken as a whole, the course has helped me gain a better understanding of how site work is performed and the considerations that go into selecting the best or least least appropriate equipment to get the job done properly and safely.  There is often not one single best or perfect piece of equipment or technology to get a job done.  The equipment ultimately selected for a job can often based on its availability and capability.  I realize that it takes teamwork, good instinct, and a depth of knowledge in construction practices and techniques to choose the right equipment for a job and to cost it out as well.
    On the engineering side, this class will help me as I from a methodology point of view as the class has increase my understanding of the equipment and technology that is available to be applied to earthwork.  I have a better understanding of what equipment will be need to get the job done from the contractors side and will now to approach a project by also considering it from a how will it built or accomplished (equipment wise) perspective.  This will help me prepare better more user-friendly designs that will hopefully minimize questions at the pre-bid walks, and help ensure that the estimating team delivers a bid that is accurate and buildable while and reflects the intent of the design.  The knowledge that I have gained from this class will and has already helped me in my day to day dealing with contractors and allows me to better assist them with solving problems as they occur in the field.

  • I enjoyed this class. I liked the homeworks a lot. It was good to have a step by step guide of what to do, instead of guessing and try for the best. I feel like I learned a lot by that way.

110 Civil Blueprint Reading and Materials

  • The most important thing I got from this class was a better understanding and exposure to different kinds of civil construction. I work in the construction industry in landscaping, so I have a very good understanding of landscaping, earthwork and irrigation drawings. Learning more about the Civil construction and having a better understanding of reading civil drawings will benefit me.
  • I am new to civil work everything I learned was valuable and I literally applied some of the lessons as soon as I learned the material.

114 Estimating Civil and Site Work Construction

  • I think there are several useful skills I’ve taken away from this class. The biggest is a better general understanding of sitework and how to break it down in order put together an estimate. I thoroughly enjoyed how everything is broken down into a mathematical calculation and I know I will be revisiting all the homework as well as setting up template sheets that I can use here at work. This class provided a great foundation for me to continue in learning base buildings and sitework estimating.
  • I have been doing variations of civil site work estimating for years. It was good to get formal training to see what I had already known and to see things that I was not doing to complete the process. Two things that were cleared up for me were map measurements and sloping.


205 Planning and Scheduling

  • I’m glad I had the opportunity to use and play around with Project Manager to create a Gantt chart for this class and understanding predecessor and successor activities and seeing the critical path.
  • I am implementing some of the templates found in this course and the text to manage purchasing and material delivery. These are useful for just in time deliveries assuring the right materials are delivered shortly before the activity is scheduled.

204 Contract Documents and Construction Law

  • I never fully understood delays until now. Now I completely understand non-excusable, excusable, compensable, and non-compensable. It is so important to know the contract. It helps a lot with my job because we deal with these at least once a month on our projects. This class has been great.
  • I learned the most from this unit because it laid some good beginning practices you can take to ensure good documentation. For me this is most useful because of how important documentation is to support your side in potential disputes. I picture that all that I learned in this course will come in handy when I start my career in the construction industry.