Student Reviews for Certificate in Construction Estimating

student reviews

Learning online requires students to be organized, dedicated, and driven. Our online classes are based on a collaborative discussion based model in which students answer discussion questions posed by the instructor. The benefit to this online learning style is students become active learners. They learn to form unique ideas and communicate them to others. This engages students and eventually creates confidence which can lead to opportunities for career advancement. Below is a sample of student reviews from different classes in the construction estimating certificate program.

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101 Introduction to Construction Estimating

  • Good job on an introductory class, being new to estimating I feel this course is spot on on helping someone figure out the challenges of being an estimator.
  • (The instructor) was great. Learned a lot of items that were obvious in daily estimating but weren’t necessarily verbalized. Like checking the totals, formulas, and the contingency percentage that is standardly used in different pricing exercises.

102 Essential Construction Math

  • My instructor was amazing and extremely helpful. He made the transition from the textbook to his online lectures easier to understand with a lot more insight and help then the textbook. He has helped me get a solid grasp of the math work and couldn’t ask for a better instructor.
  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Make this class a *required* prerequisite to classes like Estimating and Bidding. This is the 8th class I’ve taken with your organization and although Intro to Est and Bidding was helpful…this class should be first!! Great course really informative and enjoyed the self pace structure.

103 Construction Blueprint Reading

  • The course was very well organized, had clear expectations, and was easy to navigate
  • Was pleasantly surprised by how much we covered had real application to any level of construction and great instruction on how blueprints are organized, common problems to look for and felt the instructor did a great job providing a road map for how to use the tools learned in the course and apply to construction jobs at all different career levels

105 Estimating and Bidding 1

  • I enjoyed taking this class. After this week I will have completed 5 of the 6 courses required for the certification. Prior to taking my first class last winter, I had next to no blueprint reading experience. After taking 5 courses through this program, I am 100% confident at print reading and quantifying take offs for work related to my trade. I have successfully landed jobs that we would never have been able to land 2 years ago. These courses have already paid for themselves.
  • The most useful thing I learned this semester was calculating fill dirt and how to calculate rebar. I did not know about swell and shrink factors.  Although we did not do much rebar calculations aside from the little pad footings, I found it quite fun and interesting.

106 Estimating and Bidding 2

  • I really enjoyed this course. It explored many topics that I was unfamiliar with and cultivated a basic grounding of each topic every week.I use all of this information at my workplace on a daily basis and even surprised some of my bosses with many of the new things we learned.
  • I liked that the homework was more hands-on than previous courses.This really made me think and challenge myself in trades that I do not normally deal with.

107 Construction Materials and Processes

  • I am super excited and grateful to have taken this course and one more 103: Construction Blueprint Reading as it has been a huge push in my knowledge and my career. As I have been for a year working for an electrical subcontractor I have learnt a lot about electrical trade (and still am learning), however I know very little about construction in the whole. Of course, it will take me years and years of experience in construction industry to be able to observe it all in the field general knowledge about materials such as concrete, masonry, bricks, CMU, wood, nonferrous and ferrous metals, etc and skill to research through specifications, references to standards and catalogues are invaluable and pushed me a lot to learn and embrace construction in broader sense.
  • I’ve been in the field for 11 years and have been around almost everything that we covered in class and found it so fascinating to read something in class and have it click because I’ve seen it and just didn’t know the exact purpose or reasoning behind it. I agree with the other classmates it could’ve been longer but just glad I have the book that it super informative and as I said earlier just review anything I wanted a better understanding of.