Student Reviews of Courses in the Certificate in Construction Project Management

Construction Project Management is a very popular field with a strong need for educated and skilled men and women. Demand for project managers is expected to increase by 11% from 2016-2026, a faster than average rate. Our Construction Project Management classes are selected for their critical thinking skills, subject matter, industry demand, and everyday use. Many students find themselves spending more than the 5 hours each week on these courses as some of them require weekly case studies (108 Construction Equipment and Methods and 310 Practical Applications of Construction Law). Students learn collaboratively with supportive subject matter experts available to clarify content and answer questions via the course message system. Student reviews of courses in the certificate in construction project management are below. For more student reviews, click the links on each class below.

308 Construction Project Management

  • This course has helped by introducing me to aspects of construction I have yet to participate in. I keep the book at work and reference it when I have something I don’t quite understand.
  • I already know a fair amount about managing a project, but I definitely learned more than I expected to. David is an awesome instructor – I look forward to having him as my instructor for my next course.

310 Practical Applications of Construction Law

  • This course really has been a great deal for me. This is an area that I always was curious about and wanted to understand it more. It help me a lot to understand and analyze different cases. Every module help me in different ways but at the end I didn’t know a lot about this area and now I feel I can understand the terminologies and have more of an opinion on this important topic.
  • Really top quality course and facilitators.

108 Construction Equipment and Methods

  • The instructor was great. He was very professional and patient. I found this course difficult but he helped guide me to completion.
    I appreciated the step-by-step homework solution hints. They kept me on track as I worked toward a solution for the homework problems. Without the hints, I think I would have gotten lost from time to time.
  • This course will help with properly preparing me and exposing me to comparing different equipment as a PM. Since I have minimal construction experience, except as general labor experience, I feel as if this course as well as the other courses I took will help out a lot.

205 Planning and Scheduling

  • One thing I would like to share is I recently planned and authored a 13 month schedule for an up coming project at our firm. A few days after I sent it to upper management for review and approval I got a call from our Vice President telling me that that was one heck of a schedule, he said it was very detailed and accurate. It was a good feeling to put to work everything I learned in this class.
  • I think this class has given me the tools to ask the right questions. I am the most junior person in my department and this class has helped my understanding of the schedule and how I can help support the Superintendent to achieve the schedule and hit milestones. I think learning more about the relationship between activities has really helped me and been my favorite part of the class.

305 Building Green Buildings

  • The things I learned had me taking another look at projects we currently have under construction. We have a big project breaking ground at the beginning of the year and I’ve already applied alot of what we have learned in my review of the project specifications.
  • My current role requires me to draft contracts and process payment applications so these section were the most relevant to me. I now understand what to expect should we ever decide to pursue green certification. I felt the course and textbook covered everything from scoping to commissioning/close out and didn’t have anything missing.


203 Risk Management and Problem Solving

  • Risk management and problem solving may seem like it would be obvious information but this course really helped breakdown all aspects and how to properly identify and handle. I also really gained a realization of how important risk management is on the job site – mostly from reading classmate’s stories of real life situations where injury occurred and the overall costs of that injury.
  • The most valuable thing I learned is how important it is to have a plan in place prior to even starting a job. Not just how to do the job, but what to look out for risk wise, how to handle and solve problems, train the other employees on the site to be aware of risks, and what to do should an issue occur. These are things that will inevitably happen, so it is extremely important to be prepared and have all the tools I learned through this course at my disposal.

204 Contract Documents and Construction Law

  • I never fully understood delays until now. Now I completely understand non-excusable, excusable, compensable, and non-compensable. It is so important to know the contract. It helps a lot with my job because we deal with these at least once a month on our projects. This class has been great and I wish the best of luck to everyone. I’m finally done with this program and am so stoked.
  • I learned quite a bit that was able change how we are handling things. A job plagued by differing conditions, RFIs, scope changes, and moving from a regular bid into a design/build is a nightmare. But after reading the chapter and learning various ways of documentation I feel better about it.

206 Construction Productivity and Cost Management

  • Because I have worked above my actual role for most of the project, I have received a lot of overtime, and learning how that can impact a budget showed me a lot. Also I feel better prepared to lead crews, knowing about learning curves, and workspace efficiency.
  • I have taken other classes relating to cost control and productivity, but this is the first one I have taken that’s directly related to construction and my field of work. Since I work in estimating the actual factors that affect production can easily be lost or overlooked. Environmental factors play an important role when considering productivity, as do all of the factors discussed. I found it particularly interesting to see the science data behind lowered productivity due to overtime and the learning curve. It’s something you can point to and strongly consider when you’re trying to find a way to make up time on a schedule. It may seem easy to just go ahead with overtime, but the loss in productivity should be thought through and accounted for.