Student Reviews of Courses in the Certificate in Construction Supervision

Construction Supervision is, like many other roles, a very demanding position. This certificate programstudent reviews certificate construction supervision is designed to equip current, future and anticipated construction supervisors with the resources, skills, and strategies they need to excel in their leadership positions. From leading and working with skilled laborers, to managing the site, paperwork, and change orders, construction supervisors need to be skilled in a variety of areas. In these classes, students work together on case studies, discuss topics such as differing site conditions, time impacts, proactive problem solving, and more. At the end of this program the students and their companies will be equipped with the skills, resources, and techniques to lead a team through any project, large or small.

201 Leadership and Motivation

  • I’m working to improve my listening skills as the case studies have really demonstrated how much poor communication can impact a project.
  • I think anytime you have a course like this, there’s another tool that you can go to in helping make decisions.I can see a new appreciation for Theory X & Y, orientations, positive feedback and what things can internally motivate certain people.

202 Oral and Written Communication

  • I never before seen communication broken down like that in all of the various pieces i feel as though I’ve taken my verbal communication for granted for so long,and really haven’t been doing it right until now .I’m definitely putting to use what i have learned in session 1.
  • There are 2 things that are most useful from this section: 1) Learning to control the conversation and direct it where I need it to go 2) Record notes and my experience from these key conversations and review them to improve for the next conversation.
    I plan to use this to my full advantage. I want to get better at being prepared for conversations that have deep impact on my role and the role I want to fill at this company. I also want to be better prepared in my current role when on-site, and part of that is ensuring that I’m prepared for problems, procedural issues, and have a strong understanding of our SOPs.
    I have used some of this information already. I now take time to review my notes from meetings every week and record them in a journal where I work on different areas of communication. This allows me to group & organize my thoughts is an easy to navigate way, and will help me become a better communicator.

203 Risk Management and Problem Solving

  • The proactive problem solving module was especially important for me. I (and probably most people) prefer to be proactive in their approach to a project. I doubt anyone likes to always be on their heels, running around on a fire drill, it makes life extremely stressful and burns you out quick.
  • This course was actually one of the more informative class that I have taken since starting school again. I enjoyed all of the feedback from everyone that was taking this course and learned a lot from everyone. I learned that you always need to communicate with your coworkers and try to come up with the best solution for a problem and that not one person will always have the right answer. Communication is key!I learned that a crisis management plan is needed on every job site. Anything can happen at any moment and having a plan in place can help save someone’s life.

204 Contract Documents and Construction Law

  • I’ve learned plenty from this course and I’m very thankful for it. I began this course when I was still somewhat new as a project engineer and feel that I’ve learned a tremendous amount in the past couple months. I certainly enjoyed the unit covering all the specification sections and the differences between them.I will be going about my job differently now and always considering the possible outcomes of my actions. This course taught me all about the legalities and formal ways of approaching issues in construction. Thank you professor and to all students in this course that have taught me more about construction.
  • Based on this lesson learned, I have and I will continue to name a point of contact for all parties concerned in a contract, as the one responsible for receiving communication on questions regarding the workmanship, plans, specifications and scheduling, aside from just invoicing.

205 Planning and Scheduling

  • I have started to use what I have learn in starting to implemented with BIM using Revit, CAD and P6. While analyzing the current workflows of the scheduling team and working with them I’m using the activities ID’s to connect the activities to the design and then asking what we would like from the contractors for submittal when submitting the latest schedules and that the models reflect what has been done in the site. Is still not finished but thanks to the class I have a better understanding on the schedules on the construction and can work better with the scheduling team to streamline this process with BIM more effectively in the future
  • this has been a perfect course for my is remote and flexible by being offered online.Taylor made for busy adults with jobs and family.thank you

206 Construction Productivity and Cost Management

  •  It has been great getting different perspectives on things and learning how different companies operate through your examples and experiences that you all shared.
  • As I am just a laborer I thought the course was excellent a lot of new information and words I had to look up to understand the meaning of the lesson but everything worked out

Electives are chosen to specialize in either Building or Civil Site Work

Emphasis in Building

305 Building Green Buildings

  • I’ve learned a significant amount and for me the most important items were LEED and Green Globes Certification and how to continue green maintenance after project completion. This was by far my favorite course in the certificate program. It’s made me rethink my career path of not only still being a PM but I want to take on a bigger role in Green Certification.
  • The things I learned had me taking another look at projects we currently have under construction. We have a big project breaking ground at the beginning of the year and I’ve already applied alot of what we have learned in my review of the project specifications.

308 Construction Project Management

  • This course has helped already. The biggest things it has done for me is show me the way other companies operate as well as show me there are multiple outlets to find jobs. An example of this is that I never knew that there were websites with jobs on them before for bidding. My company now has a subscription to one of these sites in an attempt to broaden our client base.
  • My goal is to become a project manager. I have worked in the field for 18 years. I am enrolled in the certificate program to help me move up in to the project management position. This course was very helpful, it went through all the areas that a project manager would need to know. This course taught me the proper steps to take and when to do so.

Emphasis in Civil Site Work

108 Construction Equipment and Methods

  • I liked that this course exposes the student to the many different equipment and methods used in the construction field and how the decisions of choosing equipment for certain jobs are made based on the formulas and calculations taught to us in this course.
  • I have now completed all my courses and will say all my instructors and classes have been wonderful via this format,

109 Practical Applications of Civil Construction

  • Troy Dunow is a very supportive teacher for this course. He was always more than willing to assist. I really enjoyed learning every topic of this course and I look forward to taking more courses offered by this university.
  • I found the homework help and practice calculations to be especially useful because the formulas provided in the text were not easy to follow in some cases.