Supervisory Training Program

The Supervisory Training Program is offered at various AGC chapters online and at nonprofit organizations across the country.  You can see our list of partner chapters at this link.  Sign up for STP online at any participating chapter.  You can find more information by looking over the registration options

Our courses are 100% online so there is no need to ever enter a classroom.  Take your class from any computer with an Internet connection.  Expect to spend between 3 and 5 hours per week studying and participating with your classmates.  There are no required class hours.  You should try to log in at least 4 or 5 times per week.

College Credit

STP online is also offered for college credit at San Diego State University as the Certificate In Construction Supervision.  You must register at SDSU to obtain the college credits.  AGC chapters across the United States and Bucks County Community College are offering these same classes courses as the Supervisory Training Program.

All Classes Are Online

All classes in the program consist of one class each week during the 10 week semester.  Students are not required to attend class at specific times but there will be a certain amount of work to be done each week. See 200 Series Course List.

Certificates Awarded

Supervisory Training Program The Certificate in Construction Supervision program incorporates the AGC’s Supervisory Training program as well as other current information about the subject at hand. Students will receive an AGC certificate of completion and a letter grade from San Diego State University (SDSU) upon the completion of each course in the series.

Upon completion of all 8 classes in the series, students will receive a Certificate in Construction Supervision from SDSU and will have also received a certificate of completion for each course.

Completion of the Certificate in Construction Supervision is based upon successful completion of 8 of the 8 courses in the Construction Supervision series.  The AGC requires all 6 200 series classes to be completed to receive their certification.

The Instructors

David Hahn and Martin Lightle will instruct the classes.  Follow the links to see their bios and credentials.

Other teachers within this program are vice presidents, chief estimators, senior project managers, senior superintendents and company owners who are dealing with the subject matter of their class every day on a professional basis.  STP instructors have completed the STP online series as students before being invited to teach.

Supervisory Training Program Students

Our students come from all over the country, all over the world and from multiple positions in the construction industry.  Bringing online classes with current information into the work place is exciting and useful for the students and their companies.

Students in this program must take charge of their own education.  Since there are no required class times, students must have the self-discipline to make sure they do the class work and satisfy weekly participation requirements. Class participation is  asynchronous and will occur in the form of bulletin board postings. That means that class discussions consists of comments posted by students at different times.  You may log on to find that a classmate has posed a question earlier in the day that you can answer.  Your answer may occur several hours or even days later.  This is how asynchronous discussion works.

These classes are for working adults who want to take charge of their future and their careers.