Flexibility for Busy Schedules

Self-Paced Classes provide quality construction education while pursuing your construction estimator training or other construction related online courses, offering as much flexibility as possible for your busy schedule.


Self-paced online construction classes offer busy construction professionals and committed students the opportunity to sharpen their skills while staying on top of the demands that the construction industry brings. Topics include Introduction to Construction, Introduction to Concrete, Introduction to Construction Estimating, and Essential Construction Math.

Course providers, Bucks County Community College, AACE International, and Middle Bucks Institute of Technology offer open enrollment all year long.


A self paced course can be started at any time. You must complete the course within 10 weeks. Within the 10 weeks you can take this course as slowly or as quickly as you like.Our construction estimator training class, 101 Introduction to Construction Estimating, provides the foundation to your career as an estimator and builds upon your experience by bringing useful information, tools, and resources to the forefront.

Because there are no weekly goals and no interaction with other students you are able to work at your own pace in our construction focused online courses. Your unique completion date is included in the registration email you will receive from our office.


In 101 students develop foundational knowledge of the procedures, materials, equipment, and practices needed in estimating. This estimating course provides an excellent introduction to the trade-specific construction estimating courses Estimating and Bidding 1 and Estimating and Bidding 2. The information from this course can be used in estimating any trade or type of construction.

In 102 students develop mathematical skills through practice and application to the construction trades in this self-paced online construction course. Calculation of board feet, area, volume of shapes and concrete footings, slabs, and unit of measurement conversions are practiced. While this class is not a prerequisite for any other classes, it does provide a foundation for them.


The Introduction to Construction has 5 modules. Take this self-paced seminar is to understand the major roles, players, and processes in the construction industry. Become familiar with the types of construction and the processes of a construction project.

The Introduction to Concrete has 6 modules. Learn the basics of working with concrete in this self-paced seminar. Develop a deeper understanding of the most commonly used construction material.


Have a dedicated instructor who will respond to questions via in class message system.

Have maximum flexibility with no live sessions, Zooms, or scheduled meetings times.

Have an established start and end date that is included in your registration email you receive from Construction Experts.

Provide high quality instruction by construction professionals experienced in their subject matter.

Construction estimator training classes are taught by construction estimators with 25-35 years of estimating experience.

Meet the standard 45 seat hour/ 3 credit hours.


Meet the standard 15 seat hour/1 credit hour.

Provide up to date industry education that will equip students with the foundation of construction in the areas of basic construction education to add value to construction careers across the country and around the world.

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