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The Benefits of Back to School for the Construction Industry

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With 300,000 to 400,000 construction jobs available this year, construction company owners are looking to maximize their workforce. Construction professionals are looking to expand their scope of work. Construction projects are increasing from coast to coast. The increase in infrastructure construction projects, K-12, commercial, retail, and healthcare projects is placing high demand on the job market for skilled construction professionals.

The question is, where do construction professionals, new and seasoned, strengthen their skills, expand their scope and engage in an open community of learning? How can employers train their top people for more responsibility and their laborers for advancement in supervisory positions? Construction education courses are the perfect place to start. 

Going Back to School: eLearning

Construction Experts Inc.’s online classrooms provide a convenient 24/7 access point to a wide range of fundamental and executive skills from learning the basics of the industry to analyzing construction risk and contracts and accessing tools and procedures to save money, time, and patience. Construction Experts Inc.’s online construction classes offer a back-to-school approach to construction professionals looking to strengthen the skills they have seen on the job, learn more about the skills every professional needs: blueprint reading, understanding the various construction materials and practices, planning and scheduling and more.

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The Construction Experts’ Approach to Back to School

Learning happens when engagement is high. Engagement increases when there is practical application of the content. “The most useful thing I learned this semester is approaches to take when estimating work packages that I haven’t typically had a lot of exposure to.” Charles, Estimating and Bidding 1 student Summer 2023.

Adult learners learn best when they can relate what they are learning to what they know. The Discussion Boards in CEI’s online construction classes provide a point of workplace application and discussion for all students. 

Adults learn best when information is presented in more than one way. The internal course structure includes the following: online written lectures with supplementary videos, resources, PDFs, templates, and more. Practice quizzes, discussion boards, and other forms of assessments shape the practical application opportunities for CEI learners.

Different types of construction education and training classes. Self-paced classes allow students to start their learning journey at any time. Paced classes provide students with an in-depth engaging weekly focus on a focus topic: material, trade estimating, blueprint reading, and exploration of trade materials. Just over a two-month time frame, professionals engage with open discussion boards, research, online colleagues, and coworkers to dig deep into the material, resources, tools, and applications.

Going back to school online students report that their conversations with co-workers, colleagues, and other professionals have increased as have their job opportunities. “This course helped me better understand earthwork and I was able to use the knowledge to review a change order for hauling out dirt for one of our quad improvement projects,” summer 2023 Construction Equipment and Methods student Tori said in an end-of-class reflection.

Benefits of Going Back to School

Construction students who go back to school amplify their understanding of the industry which increases their skills and resource awareness. In turn the added value they bring adds value to their employers which results in more profitable results for both employer and employee.

“Taking this course and the previous one and working on several estimates at work my template is really starting to be a really useful tool,” said Estimating and Bidding 1 summer 2023 student, Kellery.

Employers and schools looking for online learning options for vocational education can find courses for their team and their new hires who need to be brought up to speed with the courses and stackable professional certificates Construction Experts Inc offers annually.

Getting Started with Construction Education and Training

Construction Experts Inc. provides a range of construction education courses designed to further your career at a pace that works best for you. Enjoy the convenience of remote education while mastering essential construction skills with us.

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