Construction certification programs

The Different Types of Construction Certification Programs

Completing a certificate is a way for construction professionals to show that they have current knowledge, skills and experience. Construction certificate programs give you access to reliable industry-informed education with a series of online classes chosen by construction experts to advance your skills and knowledge as part of your continuing education. 

Online construction certificate programs provide the opportunity for professionals to complete online training to update knowledge and skills, and network with other industry professionals.

The courses are taught by industry professionals from the field in the areas of project management, estimating, and more. Instructors are available to answer questions over the course of the online lessons, giving you access to instruction and curriculum that is available on your schedule.

At Construction Experts Inc we partner with a variety of accredited schools including SFSU, SDSU, and Bucks County Community College to offer six certificate programs. 

Are you looking for a construction certificate program? Choose from the many available, then enroll today and you could be working towards a certificate to improve your skills, knowledge and experience.

Construction Certification Programs

How many times have you or your team missed out on a job to another low bidder? The construction estimating classes within this certificate program will guide you in creating clear and properly formatted estimates that will clearly communicate your bottom line. Certificate in Construction Estimating Program: complete 6 classes. See class titles and course descriptions here. 

Are you taking on a project, a crew, and a budget and want some education to go along with the extra responsibilities? The Construction Project Management Certificate Program will give you education and training in equipment selection, an overview of construction project management, sustainable building practices, construction law and more. Complete 6 classes: 5 core and 1 elective in this construction certificate program.

Looking for ways to manage it all? Develop skills in creating estimates, reading and understanding contracts, plan reading, and more. Complete 8 classes to earn a certificate in the Construction Practices Certificate Program. See class titles and course descriptions. 

You run a crew and its a challenge. These 8 classes will give you the practice, skill sets, resources and tools to mitigate risks, communicate with your crew, negotiate as needed, its always needed, and create and update both the plan and the schedule. To earn the Construction Supervision Certificate Program complete 8 classes. See class titles and course descriptions here. 

Roadwork, dirt work, underground utilities, excavation and dumping are all part of the multilayered heavy civil stie work project. Develop plan reading skills, learn more about the equipment and materials used on site. To complete your construction certificate program in the Civil Site Work Certificate Program complete 5 classes: 4 core and 1 elective. See class titles and course descriptions here.

Construction Civil Supervision Certificate Program: complete 8 classes. See class titles and course descriptions here. 

These certificate programs are offered by SDSU, SFSU and Bucks County Community College. Tuition rates are listed on the Register page

To maximize your impact on the project, the people, your coworkers, management, and bring success to the different jobs you work on, one key factor you have within your reach is education, specifically online learning.

Class starts April 10. Register today with any school listed on our Certificate Programs page. 


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