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The Most Popular Online Construction Courses

For students everywhere two main subjects influence everything else: reading and math. The industry has a growing need for skilled construction professionals. When looking to advance in the construction industry or start a new career, consider the two most needed skills and the online construction courses that provide instruction and support. In construction, these online construction courses show up as a construction estimator course and an online blueprint reading course: 101 Introduction to Construction Estimating and 103 Construction Blueprint Reading.

Professional Development

Online construction courses provide options for professional development. It is important to strengthen the basic skill sets taught in the online blueprint reading course including reading plans and specifications to train the professional eye to look for and find the details of the job and to trace the scope of work from the plan view down to the section detail.

The Construction Experts Inc online construction courses provide students with an additional educational bonus: applying the learning in online classroom discussions. Activate your understanding by developing weekly discussion posts demonstrating developing knowledge of plans and resources, and showcase your growing skillsets in the online construction courses. Over 5,000 students have taken 101 Introduction to Construction Estimating. Over 5,000 students have taken 103 Construction Blueprint Reading.

Investing in Valuable Skills

In preparing to bid for the job, a contractor needs the plan reading skills from 103 Construction Blueprint Reading to navigate the plans and clearly communicate the job’s cost.

In taking 101 Introduction to Construction Estimating students review the different tools estimators use, discover resources for how they can make the job manageable and the estimates more accurate. An estimator will develop the bottom line estimate after creating an itemized list of parts, labor, equipment, and unit costs so that the boss and team are aware of the materials needed, the timeline for the job, and for the owner to evaluate the bottom line.

Develop confidence and take the time to invest in the skill sets that will increase your value to your company. The more you know the more you can do and the more value you will give to each job you are part of.

Feedback from Students

Those who have completed 101 Introduction to Construction Estimating report:

  • “I recommend this course for anyone who wants to work for construction estimating because it paves the base to be a professional construction estimator.”
  • “I would be happy to have this instructor for another course. He seemed knowledgeable, made things challenging, but was willing to answer what little questions I did have.”

At the end of 103 Construction Blueprint Reading students reflect:

  • “I think the greatest strength of this course is the change orders. They allowed for us to put the book knowledge into perspective and to get a better understanding of the material by having to apply it.”
  • “This course has made me feel more confident in reading plans. It has also helped me understand what information I can gloss over that what information I need to pay careful attention to. It’s been great to hear everyone’s real-life stories and lessons learned.”

Getting Started with Online Construction Courses

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