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Construction Experts Inc provides high quality, interactive online construction education courses to construction students who want to advance their career.

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Registration Ends April 16th. Check with your school of choice to confirm their registration dates.


With Online Classes

  • Having served over 1,200 estimators for over 20 years, our commercial estimating courses continue to provide construction estimators with the tools, knowledge and practice to advance and hone their estimating skills. 
  • All commercial estimating courses are virtual with flexible pacing with weekly hands on learning experiences making it easy for busy professionals to find the time to study. 
  • 10-week classes are available 4 times a year.


  • Learn alongside of industry peers much of the learning takes place on the discussion boards in asynchronous peer-to-peer written discussion. 


  • Students will learn from estimating professionals currently working in the field.
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Registration Ends April 16th REGISTER TODAY

At Construction Experts Inc., students get a choice of which school they would like to take commercial estimating courses through. Students can choose to register through one of the following schools to sign up for classes in the Certificate in Construction Estimating

Our students come to us from the construction industry whether it be 10 years, 10 days, 10 months or 10 minutes!

Whether you are an experienced construction professional or at the beginning of your career, these commercial estimating courses will provide you with the resources, practice, and feedback to get you to the next level in your career. Estimating students will learn multiple valuable skills and strategies in the following classes:



  • Quantity takeoff techniques
  • How to organize the estimate
  • Pricing techniques
    Estimating labor, materials, and equipment
  • Profit and overhead markups


  • Convert measurements from fractions to decimals
  • Convert measurements from cubic feet to cubic yards
  • Measure volume of footings, slabs, walls, and columns
  • Calculate board feet


  • Develop the skill sets that are used to read plans as it relates to building construction projects
  • Find trade specific information in plans
  • Identify errors with the plans you are using


  • Estimate General Conditions costs
  • Calculate unit prices and total cost
  • Prepare a quantity takeoff and conceptual estimate
  • Estimate for excavation and backfill
  • Estimate for concrete and formwork


  • Estimate structural steel
  • Estimate carpentry
  • Quantity takeoff for mechanical and electrical construction
  • Quantity takeoff for finishes, roofing and waterproofing


  • Recognize quality control procedures for various materials
  • Understand how the materials are used in construction
  • Understand how materials are manufactured and incorporated into structures
  • Know the history of each material covered and is used in construction


  • Quantity take offs for civil construction work
  • Calculate unit prices and total cost
  • Determine crew make up and productivity
  • Estimate for excavation and backfill
  • Calculate labor, equipment, and material costs for civil construction works



  • Become familiar with the process of project planning and the efficiencies derived from planning.
  • Be familiar with computerized scheduling and understand both its limitations and advantages.
  • Be able to prepare a short procurement schedule.
  • Be able to prepare a bar chart schedule and use it properly.
  • Learn about schedule acceleration methods and how to apply them.

Registration Ends September 20th REGISTER TODAY

Students can choose to register through one of the following schools to sign up for classes in the Certificate in Construction Estimating.