2022 brings growth across construction industry sectors including healthcare, education, and transportation, and residential. Recreation and hotels will struggle to get back to pre-pandemic levels of growth.  

Across the nation roadwork and bridge construction is growing by 6%. Our students will be busy and in need of continuing education. Large projects drive spending however supply chain challenges slow progress. Public works projects including water supply systems will shrink while sewage and waste construction is set to grow by 7%. Overall, the industry is set to maintain healthy growth by 6% in 2022. 

large projects
total construction starts

The most challenging crises in 2021 was the rising cost of materials, seen in the spikes in lumber costs in extremes of 73% to 300%, iron and steel increasing by 15% the ongoing shortage of labor workers, adopting technology on the jobsite in the forms of planning and scheduling software, automation techniques, project management communications, and safety, a constant focus in the construction industry. Managing the new restrictions and changing guidance, companies.

Lastly, the men and women who have the most experience are retiring from the workforce leaving a gap in those holding down the job. Yet again, the need for education remains strong and constant to bring confidence, resources, and solutions to job sites across the nation and around the world. Patrick Jones, writing for Construction Pros states, “In reality, employers may be better off hiring more candidates with the right aptitude, motivation and drive who can be trained in construction. Not only will job openings decrease, but retention rates typically improve when hiring and developing new talent.” 

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Demand for Construction Blueprint Reading classes and Estimating and Bidding classes remains strong across the United States. 

Many more construction professionals are seeking to equip themselves with leadership and management skills by taking classes in Construction Project Management and classes in heavy civil construction. 

Construction Experts, Inc remains steadfast in offering topical, timely, and quality education needed in times of growth and challenge. Contact our offices today to inquire about extending the learning opportunities you offer to the construction industry.  

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