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Empowering and Educating Construction Professionals: The Greatest Return on Investment

Analysis of the industry showed that companies with 50 or less employees, 1 in 5 will leave the industry within a year. ToolSense found that in 2020 there was a turnover rate of 68%.  In 2021 out of every 100 workers, 3 would quit. The Great Resignation highlighted the impact of turnover and the reasons why workers were leaving. Several factors contribute to employee exodus: lack of supportive culture, unclear career advancement pathway. Several factors contribute to employee exodus: lack of supportive culture, unclear career advancement pathway. On the other hand I’ve heard from several HR professionals and employers who have told me that new hires have an incredible deficit of industry knowledge are are ill prepared for field or office work.  All this discontent around a critical missing piece: education and a path to advancement— that’s exactly what construction certification programs intend to mitigate. 

Online Construction Certificate Programs Present a Solution to Workplace Woes

Construction Experts Inc’s online construction certification classes are designed around professional advancement tracks in estimating, project management, heavy civil site work and two tracks focused on superintendency, These online programs provide an introduction into the critical core knowledge needed to execute work orders, support work crews, and manage the day to day processes and procedures in the office, the trailer, or on the job site. With the diverse needs of a busy work crew, workers and their executive teams need to be in the know of the supports and education available, especially the online construction certification programs. 

Starting Out with Construction Certification Classes

In 2023 Zippia called out the following statistic: Over three years of research, only 31% of construction projects finished within 10% of the total budget. 

Globally, the construction industry reached $8.2 trillion in 2022 and is projected to reach $17 trillion in 2029 (ToolSense).  Construction companies can utilize the online construction certification programs to empower and improve their workforce. 

CEI’s online education empowers professionals with opportunities for mentorship, organized introduction to critical concepts including estimating, construction materials, and an introduction to the industry. 

Online construction certification classes promote a more balanced approach to professional development, to which the student creates his or her best fit schedule on a weekly basis. One student confirms, “I think the course was structured very well for people who are working full time plus jobs. You were able to go at your own pace as long as the work was done by the end of week. I really appreciated that because this time of year, work is somewhat overwhelming and not having homework assignments due everyday made it manageable. I really enjoyed this class and feel like I learned a lot of information that I wouldn’t have learned at work.”

Online Construction Certificate Programs: 

For this student each of the following is true 

  • Retention of skills learned increased. “I learned a lot of information that I wouldn’t have learned at work”
  • Enhance collaboration: With the empowerment that comes with education, students emerge as better communicators, collaborators, and coworkers. 
  • Improved productivity: According to an article published in Harvard Business School Online “Whether you want to level up within your industry or switch fields, you can gain skills while working full time” (Cote 2023). As adult learners apply themselves, they are rewarded with additional motivation that new learning brings. Improved practices that impact daily decision making, workplace communication that impacts crew morale and workflow.  


Online construction certification programs allow the progress of the student to be shared and discussed as needed with a workplace mentor. When students are able to engage in online learning they can do so from anywhere. Construction Experts Inc’s online construction certification programs provide a learn anywhere at anytime model.

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