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Careers in Construction Building Communities and Community Building

October is the time to harvest and reap the rewards of all the efforts,  and the seeds that grew roots and remained strong. Similarly, October is Careers in Construction Month and Construction Inclusion Week. There has never been a better time to consider furthering your career with construction education courses. 

Both speak to the immense collaboration and rich careers in construction. The creativity and problem solving that is found in each job site, and each team meeting from preconstruction to closeout. Participating in the 2023 Construction Inclusion Week at the same time as encouraging our staff to develop images encouraging people to learn more about careers in construction, advance their careers in construction inspired me and created multiple points of discussion in the classroom, on social media and brought forward strong, clear voices that found a new space on a national stage because of their experience in diversity, equity and inclusion. 

What we see in our construction education and training is a rich and engaged community of learners. This week I realized that this is not a unique feature to our classes, but a feature of this industry. Construction education brings people together and creates opportunities to exchange ideas and resources, demonstrate evidence of workplace experiences, and ask questions that remain unanswered at work. 

Construction Education Courses Build Community

Construction education and training builds communities amongst learners, amplifies leaders, and gives a foundation, filling in the gaps created during on-the-job learning.  

Construction Inclusion Week highlights the key community-building elements to enrich workplace dialog, provides multiple opportunities to learn key communication skills taught in online construction education courses and extends resources and opportunities for the construction industry to build communities within the workplace. 

By attending online construction events, engaging in construction education and training, and mentoring those at the beginning of their construction careers, the connections made and the careers developed will give way to a stronger, more productive and more engaged workforce

103 Construction Blueprint Reading starts soon. Register with one of our partners in online education today. University registration opens November 6. 

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