The construction industry remains strong and active as major health, social and economic events present great challenges and turmoil in communities and on the jobsite. Experienced construction workers analyze risks associated with the changes that occur on site and in larger communities. The supply chain is in various stages of disarray . Contracts are under review for force majeure clauses and cancellation factors. There is a slow down in the backlog and unemployment rates are on the rise. The industry has seen a 13% dip in the workforce.  While there is a pullback of anticipated work and a lack of investing in renovations, new work, and services, infrastructure projects are essential and on track including hospital construction, civil construction i.e. roadwork and low income housing.

It is in this diverse landscape that training becomes a beacon of hope, a means of engagement, connection, and advancement for contractors who want to keep their workers on payroll and small business owners looking to strengthen skills and demonstrate their knowledge through formal education.

Education provides students with greater confidence, more resources, and actionable means to increase productivity, decrease errors, and minimize risk. The online classes and certificate programs offered by Construction Experts Inc. equip students with a network of industry peers, long time field experts and new to the industry learners all seeking to enhance their skills and grasp what will elevate their companies to better prepare for when the economy is healthy and strong again.


Construction Experts Inc. (CEI) offers online classes divided into three levels. The 100 series classes focus on  estimating (101, 105, 106), general construction knowledge (102, 103, 107), and civil site work (108, 109, 110 and 114). The 200 series classes provide supervisory training designed to support those becoming a supervisor or the construction supervisors wanting to improve their practices (201, 202, 203, 204, 205 and 206). The 300 level series are part of our construction project management program (305, 308, and 310).


100 Introduction to Construction Seminar

In Fall 2019 CEI offered its first four week self-paced seminar, 100 Introduction to Construction. After teaching construction students for 27 years we noticed that many of our students came to class without basic industry knowledge such as the project timeline, the different sectors within the industry, the various roles and responsibilities involved in a project, and how to develop a career in construction. We were excited to see clients enroll their staff in the seminar in addition to students new to the industry. Companies are enrolling their new employees in this seminar as a part of their onboarding process for those new to the company. This has been a great opportunity for motivated students who want a quick overview of the industry.

099 Introduction to Concrete Seminar

Many of our courses have sections dedicated to this widely used material. 099 Introduction to Concrete provides a means for students to dive deeper into the subject to enrich their understanding of the material, its properties, uses, and installation techniques. Students will also explore the different types of concrete and present their findings in a midterm and final project.

Overhaul of 107 Construction Materials and Practices

Long time instructor Martin Lightle proposed a new textbook for one of our most popular classes 107 Construction Materials and Processes in Spring 2019. As a result we launched a full rewrite of 107 Construction Materials in Fall 2019. Student engagement and reviews were spectacular. Mr. Lightle is currently investigating other potential course topics and texts.

Addition of 310 Practical Applications of Construction Law

Instructor Steven Richardson, CPE, EJD led the creation of 310 Practical Applications of Construction Law, our first seminar 100 Introduction to Construction and our newest seminar 099 Introduction to Concrete. 310 is part of the requirements for the Certificate in Construction Project Management which along side of the Certificate in Construction Estimating is the certificate program with the highest enrollment.

New Server. New Learning Space. New Interface.

For 2020 we wanted to make sure that our systems were fast, modern, easy to use and gave the students the tools they need. Our modern interface accounts for all the communication styles commonly used in online teaching and learning while our server upgrade has proven to be smooth, fast, and efficient. Students’ adoption of the modern interface with the assistance of included tutorials in how to use the class features to be smooth and steady.

Our phones have been busy with men and women across the United States and beyond wanting to take advantage of the opportunities provided by online construction education. This is a great time to take full advantage of offering these time tested and newly updated courses for both your school/institution and your students. Click the links below to hear from our students.

At CEI we are very hard at work ensuring students are supported, teachers have the materials needed, and the class catalog is meeting the industry’s current construction education needs. Our round the clock efforts ensure the quality of the classes and the consistency of the support for our partners, learners, and instructors.

We welcome you to review our new seminars, new classes, and new learning space. For assistance, reach out to or call Lisa Thibodeaux at 760-634-2474.

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