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How Technology is Revolutionizing Construction Blueprints

The construction industry has integrated technology and a wide variety of applications for decades. The creation and use of construction blueprints is a critical entry point into technology for both creators and users which is discussed in our construction blueprint reading classes. For many companies it has changed critical communication between the architectural and engineering teams to the developer team. If your team is not utilizing apps, programs, BIM, and technology to advance construction practices, you need to. 

Why Learn Introduction to Construction Estimating? 

The future of construction is on our jobsites today. The more we are able to employ drones with GPS technology, train teams in hard hat and safety technology, enroll staff in construction blueprint reading courses to sharpen their critical thinking skills, and communicate via cloud based app management, the better urgent matters are communicated, change orders can be processed from owner to contractor and subcontractor. Technology is transforming the creation and use of construction blueprints by enhancing precision, improving collaboration, enabling real-time updates, and integrating advanced visualization and analysis tools. These advancements addressed in construction blueprint reading classes lead to more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective construction processes.

4D, 5D and AR

Building Information Modeling (BIM) 4D and 5D software, allows the plans to take a virtual, physical form that enables contractors to detect clashes between building systems and the trades that would install those systems. Data provided by different engineers is integrated into the plans which facilitates better coordination and reduces errors. By seeing and walking through the set of plans with Augmented Reality (AR) and BIM, contractors can troubleshoot at a faster rate and identify changes needed to be made prior to the investment of physical resources which results in time and cost savings. While the construction blueprint reading classes are offered online, there is no need for an AR system to participate in the ongoing class discussions and assessments.

Utilizing Historical Data

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For most construction companies, the data and technology tools you use will lay the foundation for communication, collaboration, problem-solving, and project management. 

A recent study from Procore found that 47% of respondents find that access to historical data would drive better business decisions. Power BI is an analytics software used to visualize data. Imagine having 13% of expenses back. This is possible with the right technology. 

Student’s Key Takeaways

Online construction blueprint reading courses including Construction Blueprint Reading, Estimating and Bidding I, Estimating and Bidding II, and Construction Materials and Processes inform students on the industry standards that allowing companies to train all staff from PM to Super to Project Engineer to read, review, comment, track, identify and trace elements on the blueprints. 

Cloud based collaboration tools like Procore construction software, Sage, Autodesk, and Stack provide construction companies the ability to collaborate, record critical notes on project development, resource management, and material tracking. Construction blueprint reading classes prepare construction professionals to be knowledgeable, productive, contributors and key leaders in any team at any time.

Getting Started with Construction Blueprint Reading Classes

Developing a solid foundation in blueprint reading from these online construction blueprint reading courses will set construction professionals in a stronger position to excel when taking more advanced classes such as Estimating and Bidding 1 and Estimating and Bidding 2 or Estimating Civil and Site Work Construction

Builders know that the stronger the foundation is, the longer the building will stand. IF the foundation is weak, more time, effort, money and resources are put into shoring up a weak foundation. 

Using what you know about the construction industry, share the registration information for the 101 Introduction to Construction Estimating with your peers, colleagues, and even your superintendents, project managers, or boss. The more educated the construction workforce is, the better the company will operate and the more profit there is to be made.

View our course schedule to get started, or contact us with any questions you might have. 

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