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The Best Way to Earn Your Construction Estimating Education

Formal education. Certifications. Timing. Content. Assessment. Instructor credentials. Communicative teachers. Peer reviews. Reputation. With a variety of online and in-person education it’s a great time to consider education options for your professional development in construction estimating. The question to ask is which professional development option will give me the biggest bang for my buck?

Formal Education

Consider enrolling in a relevant certificate program or courses at a reputable university or community college. Look for programs in fields such as construction estimating, construction project management, construction blueprint reading, construction equipment or planning and scheduling. A formal education will provide you with a solid foundation of theoretical knowledge and practical skills. 

Online Courses and Certification Programs

Online platforms offer specialized courses and certification programs in estimating. Look for reputable websites or organizations that provide comprehensive training in construction estimating software, techniques and methodologies.

Considerations Before Furthering Construction Estimating Education

  • Timing: Look for a balance of accountability and flexibility. Online classes should provide you with 24/7 access and structured activities with predictable deadlines to mimic the professional environment. Classes should have a specific start and end date to keep you accountable and have an end in mind.

  • Consider the Content and How Knowledge is Assessed: Programs can offer narrow-scope or broad-scope education. An example of this is 105 Estimating and Bidding 1. This online construction estimating class offered by universities, community colleges and construction industry associations provides instruction on estimating for general conditions, hands-on estimating education for excavation and backfill, two weeks of hands-on estimating education for concrete quantity take-off, asphalt and more.

    This class has been the chosen professional development for over 2,000 students. Why? This online estimating class has weekly assessments, weekly online ongoing discussions about the week’s topics, and weekly online hands-on estimating practice and feedback.

    Watching videos does not move the needle forward. Dedicated practice and feedback in an online and supportive community creates an opportunity for learning, networking, personal and professional growth and career-changing understanding of estimating.

  • Quality of Instructors: Instructors need to have a deep and broad career in construction estimating to pull from before they teach. Additionally, instructors should provide precise feedback on work submitted showing the student not only what is strong but what can be improved. The instructor team for 105 Estimating and Bidding 1 has a combined experience of 70 years in estimating. On top of the long tenure, instructors are committed to giving back to the upcoming class of estimators. They are keenly aware of the demands of the industry, the job site and the demanding personalities. CEI instructors are focused on communicating the answers and providing the support needed to better understand the procedures, the methods and even the madness of estimating.

  • Reviews: When googling your educational options look for evidence of quality instruction from those who have experienced the classes. Is the website void of reviews? Or are they sparsely integrated? Student reviews should proudly leap off the pages of the class syllabus, homepage, and other pages on the website. 106 Estimating and Bidding 2 have student reviews on the class syllabus page, on trifold brochures, on What Students Say About CEI, Course List, Certificate Programs, and more.

The Best Construction Estimating Program

The biggest bang for your buck comes in enhancing your professional practices based on quality practice and professional feedback. Building your confidence through engagement with plans and peers can be seen in each classroom hosted by Construction Experts. Students who apply themselves each week leave class with the ability to discuss key concepts with the team, the architect, the subs and/or the owner.  

If you’re ready to advance your construction estimating career, register today or contact us for more information. 

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