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Considerations Before Starting a Certificate Program in Construction Estimating

When embarking on a path to pursue your certificate program in construction estimating, you are scaling up your professional abilities, capabilities, and leadership goals. You are laying the foundation for your career.

Going back to school is claiming your intention on becoming an industry leader, a resource for other professionals, and a highly compensated employee. There are 5 key elements to consider to look for and expect in a certificate program in construction estimating. Make sure you are getting the best education for your construction estimating certification by assessing these 5 elements:

1. Company or School Background

Ask questions about the school to the company/school staff to make sure you are choosing a reputable school. For example:

  • How long has the school offered its construction estimating certification classes?
  • Are the construction estimating certification classes approved by any certifying agencies (such as national or local construction organizations) or academic institutions?
  • Does the certificate program in construction estimating have reviews for each class?
  • What evidence addresses the quality of the program? How many students have successfully completed the construction estimating certification program?
  • Review the school’s website for more information about the certificate in construction estimating. Is there a strong academic description of the program and its benefits? Consider factors such as the program’s curriculum, reputation, industry recognition, and the qualifications of the instructors or trainers.

2. Course Content

What are the learning objectives for the certificate program in construction estimating? Learning objectives are the main statements of what will be covered in the class. Make sure the learning objectives apply to the work you are doing and the work that you would like to be doing in the future.

If the exact content you are looking for is not included, can you still benefit from the program? If no learning objectives are listed that is a red flag, not a green flag. Learning objectives keep the instructor and the course accountable for teaching specific elements. They offer a checklist that will be used in the end to measure your understanding.

3. Practical Application of Estimating

How is your understanding of estimating assessed in the certificate program in construction estimating? What type of exercises, activities, and demonstrations will you produce as part of the certificate program in construction estimating? Questions on a quiz are a helpful check of understanding. Producing a quantity take off and estimate throughout the class is far more useful and practical in learning how to apply the material.

What are you doing more of: listening, reading, or doing? Doing looks like inputting data into a spreadsheet, reviewing plans with a specific set of goals, applying concepts in the form of answering questions on a discussion forum, in a paper, a spreadsheet, or a test.

4. Active Instructors with Years of Experience

It is critical that your construction instructor knows his/her way around a construction site and can refer to his or her work experience to explain concepts, remind and apply how and why assumptions are true, false, and how to better assess the situation, the plans, and the available resources. 

5. Support and Mentoring

You’ve heard the phrase “learning curve”. This is the zone of difficulty prior to mastery that occurs with each new task, skill set, or challenge you attempt. What resources are available to you to crest the top of this learning curve? What resources does the school have to support your development? Is there peer-to-peer interaction, feedback on learning activities, and interaction with the instructor and staff? How frequent is the communication during the class?

The Best Certificate Program in Construction Estimating

Education is ongoing in the construction industry. Pursuing a certificate in construction estimating is an opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals who are motivated to learn, provide support where needed, and provide and investigate new materials, procedures, and methods that can make your next job a better, more cohesive experience. Education is the best and most beneficial gift you can give yourself. When choosing where to go for your construction education take the time to ask questions and feel confident that the school has the resources, the credibility, the teachers, and the support that is needed for you to attain the success you are pursuing. 

If you’re ready to advance your construction estimating career, register today or contact us for more information. 

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