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What Will You Learn in 101 Introduction to Construction Estimating?

Construction estimating is critical to every construction company’s success. Because the estimator is an essential part of every construction company, having a strong foundation with a focus on an introduction to construction estimating is essential for all new estimators, junior estimators, business owners, and other construction professionals who review and use estimates for purposes of material procurement, scheduling and more. 

Why Learn Introduction to Construction Estimating? 

Learning to budget for a single trade, or vet incoming estimates from everything from labor to equipment, studs to steel beams, HVAC systems to paint to electrical all while paying attention to product-specific information identified in the specifications can lead to incomplete assessment of the plans, coming in as the high bidder, or worse, overlooking a key element of the job and losing money on the overhead and profit. An introduction to construction estimating education is not only ideal, it is also necessary for personal and company success.

While Construction Experts Inc. offers an entire Certificate Program in Construction Estimating, the single, self-paced class 101 Introduction to Construction Estimating streamlines what estimators need to know to be effective, and organized, and communicate their numbers to other key people such as the owner and project manager.  This self-paced Introduction to Construction Estimating course provides the foundation of estimating and exercises and resources to polish fundamental estimating skills. Learn the basic skills that are required to produce successful construction estimates.

What Major Concepts Will Estimating Students Learn?

Students who successfully complete Introduction to Construction Estimating will learn the basic principles of construction estimating. Students will learn:

  1. Types of estimates and which estimate is used for different occasions. 
  2. How an estimate is organized. 
  3. Pricing techniques and how to put together a quantity takeoff. 
  4. Adjusting the estimate for a variety of variable factors.
  5. Estimating labor, materials, and equipment.
  6. profit and overhead markups.

Upon completing this course, the student will understand the different types of estimates and how to organize an estimating document. This course will build a foundation of knowledge that the student will use while estimating virtually any individual trade or project type. 

Estimating Topics Covered

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Estimating students learn about and are assessed on weekly topics including but not limited to 

  • Estimating materials
  • Estimating the cost and quantity of labor
  • Estimating equipment
  • Determining and using unit prices

and much more.

Student’s Key Takeaways

  • The provided information in the broken down categories per section was helpful and easy to go back to reference.
  • The reflections on the readings were the greatest strength of this course. It summarized the lesson from a different perspective and ensured an understanding of what was stated from my interpretations
  • the modules were very helpful as well as the practice problems.
  • The nature of it being a self paced course given the subject is a great strength. Being able to complete 2-3 lessons in a week has allowed me the flexibility to set the course down when life gets hectic and my attention is needed elsewhere. I appreciate being able to study and engage in the class on Saturday and Sunday. 

Getting Started with Introduction to Construction Estimating Classes

Developing a solid foundation in estimating from this online construction estimating class will set construction professionals, junior estimators, and estimating students in a stronger position to excel when taking more advanced estimating classes such as Estimating and Bidding 1 and Estimating and Bidding 2 or Estimating Civil and Site Work Construction

Builders know that the stronger the foundation is, the longer the building will stand. IF the foundation is weak, more time, effort, money and resources are put into shoring up a weak foundation. 

Using what you know about the construction industry, share the registration information for the 101 Introduction to Construction Estimating with your peers, colleagues, and even your superintendents, project managers, or boss. The more educated the construction workforce is, the better the company will operate and the more profit there is to be made.

View our course schedule to get started, or contact us with any questions you might have. 

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