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What Construction Certificate Program is Right for You?

Advancing your career is exciting and can also be confusing initially. Online construction certificate programs provide a well-rounded education for construction business owners, construction estimators, general contractors, subcontractors, project engineers, project superintendents, project coordinators, contract administrators and many more construction professionals.

Which construction courses, which order, which school to register with and how much time to spend each week are some of the commonly asked questions we receive from students. Taking the time to understand the inside of the foundational construction courses can guide your path up the career ladder, expand your scope and transform your abilities and your role. 

Foundational Construction Classes in Certificate Programs

Construction Experts Inc. provides several foundational construction courses. These courses are best to take first to provide you with the language and familiarity of construction concepts and critical skill sets to maximize the rest of your education. They are part of multiple certificate programs. 

101 Introduction to Construction Estimating Estimating and running a construction company has a lot of risk. Costing the job to maximize profit and minimize risk and waste takes a developed skill set and a mentor to provide support along the way. This 10 week self-paced course provides students with an entry level education into the construction industry with a critical skill set that is in demand. Instructor Harry Kominski, CPE is a resource to estimators nationwide and a known expert in the construction community. He’s taught estimating for decades and continues to provide expertise to the industry. Estimating students will learn entry-level skills and develop in-demand skills of estimating for labor, and equipment, and develop techniques for pricing and quantity take-offs. This class is the first step in a certificate program in construction estimating.   

103 Construction Blueprint Reading Every man and woman in construction needs to know how to read plans. For field professionals, advancing plan reading skills will minimize errors, maximize productivity, and enhance communication between generals and subcontractors, estimators and VPs, project engineers and superintendents, and more. In construction, relationships drive the work forward. Enhancing your blueprint reading skills will enhance your value and contributions to the project team and all its associated professionals. 

102 Essential Construction Math Estimating, supervising a construction crew, and executing the installation of trades work relies on mathematical acuity and a deep understanding of the trade and the final product. This self-paced 10-week class provides students with a singular focus on construction math and in turn enhances foundational skills for a career in construction. For those with strong math skills, this is not a mandatory class. It is a class that can round out and better inform how to mathematically approach a situation in which you need to make decisions and calculations.

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Certificate Program in Construction Estimating

The Certificate in Construction Estimating is a five class certificate program that will provide hands-on experience in assembling bids, quantity take offs and decision making. This certificate program is best for those who are or work for a general contractor (GC) or subcontractor. Subcontractors will learn a great deal about other trades and gain insights from GCs. Construction company owners benefit from this certificate program as the power of the estimate becomes better understood and is no longer outsourced to specialists. 

There are eight classes to choose from to complete the certificate program. Estimating for underground utilities and roadways is vastly different from estimating for foundations, general conditions,  doors, windows, and finishing. Rely on our construction experts to teach you what you need to know about each! 

Civil Estimating

There is a class dedicated to civil and site work estimating
114 Estimating Civil and Site Work Construction provides students with focused estimating practice in civil construction works including: measuring the different states of dirt to ensure earthwork estimating and pipe work estimating accuracy, selecting the best equipment for an earthmoving job, and utility, roadwork, and demolition. This class expects students to know the basics addressed in 101 Introduction to Construction Estimating, 102 Essential Construction Math and 103 Construction Blueprint Reading

Residential and Commercial Construction Estimating

If your work is in commercial or residential construction estimating, focus on
105 Estimating and Bidding 1 which covers estimating general conditions to concrete and masonry and 106 Estimating and Bidding 2. One skill set all estimators need is taught in 205 Planning and Scheduling. The 107 Construction Materials and Processes can also serve as a great entry into construction. This class will take students into a study of the commonly used building materials, their life cycle and sustainable practices. The Certificate in Construction Estimating has benefited estimators, and professionals in school construction on both the school side and the construction side. 

Certificate in Construction Practices

Online construction courses, construction estimating classes

We’ve been recommending the Certificate in Construction Practices to those who are new to the industry, changing positions, or looking to broaden their scope of work. This is a great certificate program due to the diversity of classes spanning from general construction skills to construction estimating to contract documents and planning and scheduling. Most of the classes in the estimating certificate, construction supervision certificate, and the project management certificate are included in this online construction certificate program. 

Certificate in Construction Project Management

The Certificate in Construction Project Management is for those who have been tasked to lead a project, lead a company, or assist in project or company management. There are several foundational classes that address key concepts and their applications and several classes that focus on a directed application of concepts in case studies requiring students to apply their understanding weekly to related case studies. Classes including 305 Building Green Buildings focuses on sustainable practices, materials. 308 Construction Project Management is the introduction survey class that takes students on a topic by topic look into running a project.

205 Planning and Scheduling is a focused class on the process of planning a project and creating the schedule. These are excellent classes for providing the foundation for the other courses in the program. It is best to take these prior to 108 Construction Equipment and Methods which provides an exploration in the diverse decisions project managers make in equipment selection.  The final required class in this certificate program which will develop critical negotiating skills and ensure you are aware of contracts and construction law is 310 Practical Application of Construction Law. To prepare for this class 204 Contract Documents and Construction Law is strongly recommended. If you’d like more focus on risk management and problem solving or construction productivity and cost management, those are offered as electives in this certificate program.

Getting Started with Online Construction Certificate Programs

Whether you’re a novice looking to enter the construction field or a professional aiming to enhance your skill set, Construction Experts Inc. offers certificate programs in realms like construction estimating, project management, and more. Our comprehensive online construction certificate programs that are tailored to meet your learning needs while enjoying the flexibility of remote education. 

View our course schedule to get started, or contact us with any questions you might have. 

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