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4 Types of Online Construction Classes

Going back to school is great for your mind, your career, and your paycheck. You provide an example for coworkers, family members, and friends. Your education brings value to you and those around you— especially when you take top-quality online construction courses like those offered by Construction Experts Inc

Taking online courses for construction estimating provides many important benefits including learning from anywhere, no payment for additional fees or a parking permit, attending class while taking a lunch break, or ending the work day.

Construction estimator training online will bring more value to what you do and put extra authority behind your bids and presentations to the architect, the PM, the owner, your coworkers, or the subs. Your processes, procedures, resources, and understanding are now part of your approach to the job. In the online classes with Construction Experts, the practice you engage with today will be used tomorrow. Be prepared to engage, excel, and evolve. 

When looking for classes to take make sure you know the time expectations. Not all classes are created equally.

What Are the Four Types of Online Classes?

The online course types you can choose from include:


Self-paced seminars. Students are given 6 weeks to complete a self-paced seminar. All resources are inside the classroom. There is a midpoint project and a final assessment where you will create a unique and useful project based on the prior week’s content. There is no interaction other than any messages sent to the instructor. In this category, you will find general online construction classes and an estimating online class.

  • 099 Introduction to Concrete was created to educate construction professionals about the most widely used construction material, its types, and usability. (General)

  • 100 Introduction to Construction is a self-paced introduction to the construction industry designed to help those newer to the industry to understand the people, processes and approach to construction. (General)


Self-paced classes are similar to self-paced seminars but a bit longer. Once you log in you see the class with General Course Information and the Lessons Orientation. Once the Orientation module is complete, take the Quiz. Submit your responses. The next Module will be released. 

  • 101 Introduction to Construction Estimating is a self-paced online construction estimating class designed to teach students about the estimating profession, what estimators do, their resources, expectations, and pricing techniques. Students take 101 Introduction to Construction Estimating as the general kick-off to their estimating career, a refresher course for estimators who need an extra nudge in getting confident, using resources, or office personnel who want to or need to take on additional responsibilities. (Estimating)

  • 102 Essential Construction Math is a self-paced online construction math class designed to provide key mathematical concepts, practices, and double checks to fill in the gaps and grease the wheels for improved problem-solving and sharper calculations. This can be taken prior to the Estimating and Bidding classes, to develop skills in measuring and calculating. (General)


Paced classes. What is a paced online construction estimating class? Can I turn in work whenever I want? A paced online construction estimating class gives students flexibility within a weekly set schedule. Students are encouraged to post discussions by set dates however all work must be turned in by 11:59 pm PST. 

Some examples of our paced classes include


Civil Site Work classes, Estimating and Bidding classes Application of Construction Law are paced classes with a weekly hands-on case study in which students demonstrate their skills. 

eLearning Experts

Online construction courses, construction estimating classes

“People think of the ‘E’ in eLearning as ‘electronic’. And certainly it’s electronic. But here’s a few more E’s – Everywhere learning, Everyday learning, Engaging learning, Evolving learning …” – Elliot Masie

 We would add to this EXPERTS. Our instructors are field professionals and industry experts. Construction estimator training online has developed over the years. It’s been rewritten, updated, and ENJOYED by 1000s of construction professionals. Every time I review the classoom ENGAGEMENT I am humbled by how much EXCITEMENT and ELEARNING is going on. Now students have a much more supportive ENVIRONMENT and textbook that takes them through the basics, intermediate and advanced uses of EXCEL, a software we all use but maybe not to its full ability or ours. 

Accessibility for Students Around the World

“Online learning can be a lifeline to those who have obstacles, such as geographical distances or physical disabilities.” – Paul Levinson

Our students come from San Diego, San Antonio, San Jose, and San Francisco. Argentina, Alaska, and North and South America. Online construction courses align students with common educational goals: to provide more to their employer, to gain skills to excel in their careers, and to become the next construction EXPERT.

The online construction courses you will take with Construction Experts Inc. are engaging, and timely, and provide a community for learners to engage, inquire, and post resources that are current vetted. Online construction courses are offered by many different agencies, schools, and locations. Sign up today to be prepared for your success tomorrow.

Getting Started with Online Construction Courses

Whether you’re a novice looking to enter the construction field or a professional aiming to enhance your skill set, Construction Experts Inc. offers comprehensive online construction classes that are tailored to meet your learning needs while enjoying the flexibility of remote education.

View our course schedule to get started, or contact us with any questions you might have. 

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